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HSE Lyceum Student Participates in International Chinese Language Competition

HSE Lyceum senior Dmity Shcheglov was the first Lyceum student to participate in the international Chinese studies competition, which was held in Zhengzhou from October 17 to November 3. He placed among the top ten finalists from Europe.

A total of 125 students, each of whom had advanced from qualifying rounds in their own countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa, took part in the competition. Many of the participants had lived or studied in China, but the jury evaluated them not only in terms of their knowledge of Chinese language and culture, but also their artistry and public speaking abilities. In addition to tests on Chinese geography and history (from the ancient period to modern times), competitors had to perform in a talent show.

‘I devoted my first creative performance to the beauty of Chinese characters and my Chinese dream – it was a beautiful speech full of pathos,’ says Dmitry. ‘In the second performance, I performed a Chinese song that is really popular right now; it contains very difficult, uncommon characters, many of which are unfamiliar even to Chinese people themselves. I don’t know how to sing, so we adapted one part into a poem, and another into a nursery rhyme, which I performed with the support of Chinese rattles.’

Dmitry earned his place in the international competition by placing 2nd in the Chinese Language Bridge competition, which was held this past spring in Novosibirsk.

The final competition in Zhengzhou lasted for three weeks and was broadcast by CCTV, the main broadcaster in mainland China.

Dmitry Shcheglov:

The sheer scale of the competition was really amazing; I have never seen anything like it. First, we spent four days in Beijing visiting the main attractions, as well as the Russian Embassy. The competition programme itself was held in Zhengzhou. The first stage lasted several days. Between the performances there was time for preparation, but photo sessions and getting from place to place also took up a lot of time. Henan, where Zhengzhou is located, is one of the centres of Chinese culture. There is a lot to see there: the Shaolin Monastery, Mount Song, one of the five sacred Taoist mountains, and the ancient city of Kaifeng. Our schedule was jam-packed, so we slept for six hours a night at most.

Five students—one from each continent—competed in the final round of the competition. The final champion was a participant from Italy, who dazzled the panel of judges with his acting skills and charisma.

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Tea Ceremony, Naruto and Norigae: HSE Celebrates Year of the Green Wood Dragon

On the day of the second new moon after the winter solstice, the HSE Cultural Centre welcomed admirers of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese cultures. HSE students, teachers, and guests celebrated the Lunar New Year with South Korean hit songs and popular anime openings. They attended calligraphy and origami classes, tried regional sweets, and had Far Eastern teas. The festival ended with a big concert.

‘This Event Is a Step Beyond the Ordinary’

The HSE Lyceum hosted the Big Winter Event, a traditional large-scale celebration culminating in a gathering of Lyceum students in the Atrium of the HSE University campus on Pokrovsky Bulvar. During the preparations for the grand ball, which took two months, more than 2,000 Lyceum students and employees explored the theme of ‘the Renaissance’ in a variety of ways.

‘Winter in Russia is a Season of Romance and Cold, Solemnity and Vitality’

Over 450 international students from all over the globe currently study at the HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences. Some of them have recorded video greetings, talked about celebrations in their home countries, and shared their ideas on how to spend the winter holidays in Russia.

‘We and Our Chinese Colleagues Have a Common Approach to Solving Modern Challenges’

During a visit to China, an HSE University delegation headed by Vice Rector Victoria Panova arranged to extend cooperation agreements with Fudan University and East China Normal University (ECNU). Particular attention was paid to expanding students’ and teachers’ academic mobility between universities.

The ‘Grow with HSE University!’ Forum: ‘A Platform for Communication and Reinvigorating Ideas’

In late October, the ‘Grow with HSE University!’ forum was held in Moscow. The forum aimed at encouraging an exchange of best academic practices and cultivating cooperation between the University and various schools. Teachers and administrators from 76 regions of Russia and 16 countries took part. Over 3,500 people signed up for the forum, and even more people joined the events online. The plenary discussion alone was watched online by over 15,000 people.

'It Is Crucial for HSE University to Strengthen the Positions of Russian Education and Science'

Delegations from Nanjing University and Renmin (People's) University of China have recently made their first visits to HSE University to explore potential areas of cooperation. The Chinese universities have expressed interest in initiating collaborative research projects, educational and academic mobility programmes.

Enhancing Cooperation between the Countries: East China Normal University Delegation Visits HSE

The delegation of the East China Normal University has visited HSE University’s Moscow campus. The representatives of both academic institutions confirmed their mutual interest in developing cooperation. The East China Normal University was the first Chinese institution to cooperate with HSE University. This partnership has been developing for quite a while, with the first memorandum signed on June 30, 2011, followed by two agreements on student mobility.

The China Puzzle: Building Business with the Celestial Empire

Cooperation with Chinese partners in all spheres of the economy is reaching a new qualitative level. At the same time, Russian entrepreneurs often lack knowledge about the specifics of doing business with China. Ways to solve this problem and strengthen the bilateral partnership were discussed at the ‘Russia—China: Business in a Multipolar World’ forum held at HSE University.

HSE University to Host First ‘Russia—China: Business in a Multipolar World’ International Forum

Experts from Russia and China will discuss new challenges and opportunities for business cooperation between the two countries, including those using advanced digital technologies. The event will take place on September 28 at the HSE building on Pokrovsky Bulvar. The forum is expected to be held annually.

Oriental Crazy Day 2023: Photos with Panda, Calligraphy and Oriental Hospitality

On May 21, HSE School of Asian Studies organised their traditional Oriental Crazy Day for 2023. Prospective students learnt more about HSE degree programmes and admission process, and met with students and university teachers at the ‘Meeting under the Stars’ held at the HSE Cultural Centre.