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Illustration for news: HSE Advocates for Environmental Transparency

HSE Advocates for Environmental Transparency

More than 40% of Russian citizens consider changing their place of residence due to environmental problems. This was a statistic cited by Lyaila Sinyatullina, Head of the Department of Advanced Studies at HSE University’s Institute for Public Administration and Governance, at a roundtable dedicated to an environmental information bill that will be reviewed by the Russian State Duma.

‘The Biggest Priority in Education Is World Class Professional Development Programmes’

The report entitled ‘Twelve Solutions for New Education’, prepared by the Higher School of Economics and the Centre for Strategic Development, was presented at the XIX April International Academic Conference. Professors Martin Carnoy and Tomasso Agasisti, international experts on education and conference guests, have shared their views on the issues and initiatives highlighted in the report.

Russians’ Scientific Literacy on the Rise, but only a Third Know Plants Have Genes

Educational media is expanding rapidly in Russia, while scientists are giving more lectures on popular science to packed auditoriums and more scientific festivals are taking place than ever before. But do these efforts actually pay off? As part of a monitoring survey on innovative behaviour in Russia, experts from the HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK) have found that over a five-year period spent measuring the scientific literacy of the Russian public, the percentage of people who find it difficult to answer ‘elementary school’ questions – for example, questions about the Earth’s core or continental drift – is steadily declining. But questions any more specific than that continue to leave people scratching their heads.  

Alexey Ivanov to Prepare an OECD Report on Kazakh Competition Law and Policy

Head of HSE-Skolkovo International Laboratory for Law and Development Alexey Ivanov has been selected by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development as a leading international expert to conduct a comprehensive analysis on the status of Kazakhstan in relation to competition and compliance legislation and policy regulation for OECD member countries.


scenarios for Russia’s demographic development up to 2030 were prepared by researchers at the Higher School of Economics’ Institute of Demography.

HSE Researcher Elected Vice-Chair of Council for International Higher Education

Anna Smolentseva, Leading Research Fellow at HSE’s Institute of Education, has been elected Vice-Chair of the Council for International Higher Education (CIHE) of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE).

Illustration for news: Stateless Nations in Europe: Scotland and Catalonia

Stateless Nations in Europe: Scotland and Catalonia

On November 26, 2014 on the invitation of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs Professor Luis Moreno Fernandez of the Spanish National Research Council gave a talk on Stateless Nations in Western Europe. The lecture was part of the first session of the European Club launched by the Faculty this year.

Too Much State Involvement and not Enough Investment in the Russian Economy

Speaking at the HSE Banking Institute, Senior Resident Representative of the IMF in Russia, Bikas Joshi described the prospects for the Russian economy.

‘We are Leaving the Door Open’ Australian Ambassador to Russia, Paul Myler

On November 15-16, Brisbane will be hosting the next G20 summit. At a meeting with HSE students the Australian Ambassador to Russia, Paul Myler talked about prospects for improvement of the world economy and how relations between Russia and the West can be normalised.

One Way Towards International Recognition

Sergey Yakovlev presented at 'Joint Education Programmes between European and Russian Universities’ conference. The conference was organized in Moscow by the Delegation of the European Union to Russia.