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‘After a Year of Studying Here, I Can Say that HSE is a Free and Modern University’

‘After a Year of Studying Here, I Can Say that HSE is a Free and Modern University’

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Applications are underway for the HSE International Olympiad (HSE INTO), which is now available in Russian, English, and French. Winners of this competition can study at HSE University for free. The registration deadline is September 30th, 2022. The HSE News Service talked to some HSE University students who won admission as part of the Olympiad about their experiences.

The HSE International Olympiad has been running for eight years in various countries. The participants can choose up to five of 16 subject areas. Winners of the Olympiad can get free tuition or grants covering up to 75% of the tuition cost.

  • Timeline

    September 30th

    Registration deadline

    October 20th–30th



    Announcement of results

Maxim Bozhik, 19, HSE University student from Moldova

I have been studying at HSE University for a year already: I was enrolled as a result of the 2020 HSE INTO, where I took second place with my creative project.

The Olympiad gave me an opportunity to master the profession I wanted in Russia at the country’s best university, and I decided to jump at this chance

I chose to enter the HSE University in Moscow, since it is one of the world’s best cities, and after a year here, I now understand that I would like to stay on and live in Moscow!

HSE University is not only well-equipped for all advanced specialisations, it also boasts amazing teachers who can easily find a common language with all their students

I’ve dreamt of becoming a programmer since I was a child, and HSE University has made my dream come true: the programme in Design and Programming at the Faculty of Creative Industries suits me ideally. I am in my second year and am confident that I have found my true calling. 

Samir Kadirov, 20, HSE University student from Uzbekistan 

I found out about the competition via the HSE University website and was attracted by the chance to get full scholarship at one of the best universities in Russia.

I took part in the Competition in 2019 and became a full winner in History and Law and a prize winner in Social Studies and International Affairs. I am now an undergraduate at HSE University in Moscow majoring in International Relations.

I think it was an amazing experience that gave me so many opportunities and allowed my dream to come true

So I highly recommend that all students test your knowledge and try to become a member of the huge family called HSE University.

Margarita Yankovskaya, 18, HSE University student from Belarus

As a high school student, I participated in various Olympiads and competitions in history and social science, and applying to HSE University via HSE INTO looked like a good option for me. Thanks to my previous experience, I felt confident whe going into this.

Today, I am a second-year student of the Faculty of Law at HSE University in Moscow.

After a year of studying here, I can say that HSE is a free and modern university

I am happy with the number of opportunities it offers, which include a lot of optional courses, student associations, and volunteer organisations.

Learn more and register for HSE INTO

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Deadline for HSE INTO Extended

The registration deadline for the HSE International Olympiad has been extended until December 18, 2022. The competition will take place on January 16–29, 2023.

Registration Open for 2023 HSE International Olympiad

The HSE International Olympiad (HSE INTO) is one of HSE University’s largest international projects. Winners of the competition can receive full tuition wavers for their studies and study at HSE University for free. The registration deadline is September 30.