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Asian Studies: Israel as a ‘Melting Pot’

On March 15th a seminar entitled ‘On the Twists of the Modernity’ took place at the HSE, where Yossi Tavor, First Secretary of the Embassy of Israel in Russia, read a lecture for the students of the HSE Faculty of Philosophy School of Asian Studies.

First Issue of the International Organisations Research Journal in English

The first issue of the International Organisations Research Journal in English (issue 5, 2010) has been published. It focuses on the G8/G20 summit performance as well as the future of the Groups’ partnership and possible improvements.

University Spirit of Inequality

On March 15th a regular seminar of the HSE Institute for Educational Studies took place, dedicated to the problem of accessibility to education for children from various social groups around the world. Jamil Salmi, coordinator of the World Bank's network of tertiary education professionals, spoke on ‘Equality and the Human Capital Development: the Role of Higher Education’.

Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs: ‘The Economy Is a Part of Culture’

On March 14th students, teachers and staff of the HSE met the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Uri Rosenthal. The lecture was addressed primarily to the students and was broadcast to all HSE regional branches. Thanks to video conference facilities, HSE students from Saint Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Perm had the opportunity not only to watch and listen to the speech, but also to ask questions to the minister after the lecture.

Representatives of U.S. Universities’ Administrations Visited the HSE

On February 28th the administration of the Higher School of Economics met with a delegation of U.S. universities’ administrations representatives, leading staff members of the Institute of International Education, USA, and the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA).

International Experience Will Help Russian Public Administration

Preparation for the APPAM (Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management) international professional conference has begun at the HSE Faculty of Public Administration. The topic of the conference is ‘Improving the Quality of Public Services’. Conference organizers, Douglas Besharov, Professor at the University of Maryland (USA) and APPAM International Conference Convener Representative, and Alexey Barabashev, Dean of the HSE Faculty of Public Administration, talked to us about the tasks and the programme of the forum.

Auctions and the Consumer Market: Studying the Mechanics

On February 1st a new Laboratory for Strategic Behaviour and Institutional Design Studies opened at the HSE. Maarten Janssen, Academic Supervisor of the Laboratory and prominent expert in microeconomics, and Alexey Parakhonyak, Laboratory Head, told us about the role of the new department.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s Meeting With The Heads Of Expert Groups On Russia’s Socio-Economic Development Strategy Through 2020

On February 16th Prime Minister Vladimir Putin met with the heads of expert groups to discuss Russia’s socio-economic development strategy through 2020. Yarolsav Kuzminov, Rector of the HSE, was among the participants.

‘We Have a Middle Class, But It’s Small, and It’s Struggling to Survive’

Mark Urnov, Academic Supervisor of the HSE Faculty of Politics, talked to us about his view of the middle class and about the research he’s been carrying out with Irina Soboleva and Anton Sobolev in four Russian regions, as well discussing the reasons for the popularity of this work among international researchers.

‘The Programme of the April Conference has Turned Out to be Rather Broad’

The preliminary programme of the XII International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development has been organized by the Higher School of Economics with the participation of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Andrey Yakovlev, Vice Rector of the HSE, told us about the applications received, the work of experts and the preparation of the forum programme.