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500,000 roubles

is the maximum grant amount that winners are able to receive in a competition sponsored by the Fund for Innovative Enterprise Support.

Illustration for news: 'I Create Beautiful Clothing for Beautiful Women'

'I Create Beautiful Clothing for Beautiful Women'

Is it easy being a Russian clothing designer when factories cost, China sews, and discounts on cheap foreign brands can reach 70%? Everything is in authorship. HSE alumna Luda Nukishina tells Success Builder why business must be done in Moscow, how a Russian designer is better than H&M, and how to make things that people will definitely buy.

Illustration for news: 'The City Is the Most Complex Thing Anyone Has Ever Thought up'

'The City Is the Most Complex Thing Anyone Has Ever Thought up'

Urban studies is a new field of study for Russia that is devoted to the sustainable development and use of city space. As part of the Success Builder project, Egor Korobeynikov, who is the creator of UrbanUrban and an HSE alumnus, talks about how he turned into an urbanist from a bank teller, and also about why Moscow should not be made into Europe and what officials need to be told.


of Russians believe that discord and disunity are prevalent in the country and society. One third of people believe that consensus is more commonly found in the country.


of Russians believe that the most important values in life are marital happiness, children, and love.


of Russians who were born in the 1980s grew up in single-parent families. In the previous generation, this figure was lower at 16%.


of women working in food service companies, retail stores or at markets have either a higher education or an unfinished higher education.


is the rate at which couples living together for the first time get married.

Illustration for news: A Great Chance of Going Global

A Great Chance of Going Global

January 28 saw the launch of a Kickstarter project developed by graduates from the HSE’s International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF).


of Russians believe that most people can be trusted. 74% believe that caution should be exercised with those around us.