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‘ICEF Gave Me an Excellent Theoretical Grounding’

ICEF 2006 alumnus Yuri Kiselev is now head of debt capital markets in Russia and the CIS at Société Générale. In an interview for the ICEF website Yuri talked about his career and education in Russia and abroad.

Illustration for news: 'I'm Creating a Community of Happy People'

'I'm Creating a Community of Happy People'

Making money of insecurity is not actually a shameful endeavour, particularly if your business has an honourable mission. HSE alumnus Andrey Ruban, a psychologist and trainer, tells Success Builder how to gain entrepreneurial experience at the university, why creativity serves as the foundation of life, how word of mouth is becoming a marketing strategy, and what to do after you achieve personal happiness.

Illustration for news: ‘HSE Gives Knowledge and the Chance to Use it’

‘HSE Gives Knowledge and the Chance to Use it’

An interview with Master’s in Electronic Business graduate and founder of the web studio Netball, Kirill Knyazev.

'I Believe That Everything Will Work out for the Best'

International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF) MA graduate Maria Titova will this year continue her studies at the University of California, San Diego (US), where she will study for a PhD in Economics. Maria has received an offer of studying, fully funded, on 8 different PhD programmes in the United States and Great Britain, including University of Wisconsin - Madison, University of Rochester, Boston University, Boston College, Pennsylvania State University, Washington University in Saint-Louis, University College London, and the Vienna Graduate School of Economics.

An Excursion to the Sky

In July, students from the HSE Extreme Sports Club planted the university’s flag at the top of Mount Elbrus, one of the world’s highest peaks. Garry Rutberg, one of the club’s leaders, and Alexandra Oleinikova, an HSE alumna and the club’s guide, tell us about the complicated nature of the mountain, ways of fighting hypoxia, and what it’s like to walk amongst the clouds.

Recent ICEF Graduate Reflects on Experience

Vasily Bogdan, a native of Ukraine who came to Moscow to study at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, recently graduated from the 2-year Master’s programme at the International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF). He recently spoke with the HSE news service about his rich experience in the programme and his plans for the future.

Illustration for news: 'HSE Is the Number One Supplier of Manpower for My Market'

'HSE Is the Number One Supplier of Manpower for My Market'

HSE alumnus Pyotr Zhukov owns two investment funds which comes as a surprise from someone with a law degree. In Success Builder Pyotr talks about bankers having nervous breakdowns, who dictates the dollar exchange rate and why he doesn’t give money to hipsters.

From Riga to Moscow: ICEF Attracts Globally Minded Students

By its nature, the Master’s programme at the International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF) is an international programme, having been founded by the Higher School of Economics and the London School of Economics and Political Science. Since it was established in 2007, one of its greatest strengths has been its ability to attract talented Russian and international students alike.

Illustration for news: 'Life Is One Way for a Psychologist to Put Their Knowledge into Practice'

'Life Is One Way for a Psychologist to Put Their Knowledge into Practice'

Nowadays, psychology has a very specific application in the world of business, as not a single large company in the world is able to get by without a staff of professional psychologists. Ksenia Babat, Senior HR Manager at Puma, tells Success Builder what a business psychologist does, how to start building a strategy for professional success as a student, and why she holds coaching sessions on the weekends.

Illustration for news: ‘When the Russian People Were by our Side, We Always Managed to Find a Solution’

‘When the Russian People Were by our Side, We Always Managed to Find a Solution’

This year, Panagiotis Sarantidis, from Greece, graduated from HSE’s International Business programme, headed by Irina Kratko. According to Prof. Kratko, foreign students’ motivations for choosing Moscow as a place to study are quite varied. Some of them intend to connect their future career with Russia, already having ideas to establish joint ventures here. Others, for example HSE students from the United States, have previously studied the Russian language, so their interest is perhaps rooted in the country’s rich cultural and historical heritage.