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Master thesis

The Master thesis is a compulsory part of The International Master in Comparative Social Research. The study plan is designed so that the thesis submission falls on Module 4 during the 2nd year of study. The submission and defense of the thesis have a combined value of 21 ECTS.
Students must attend the MA thesis workshop (НИС) during Module 4 of the 2nd year, where they get regular feedback on their progress from the instructor and their peers.


Important Deadlines

October 10 - November 1. Master Thesis topic (LMS)

Application for the master topic thesis included supervisor's full name should be provided via LMS. The academic council approves the topics for compliance with the research field of CSR programme. 

December 1. Submit an application

Application for the topic with a signature of scientific supervisor should be provided to the study office via the form.

April 1. Supervisor change

In order to make any changes to the supervisor of the thesis, the student should sumbit an application to the study office and make the changes in LMS

April 19. Topic change

In order to make any changes in the topic of the paper, the student should sumbit an application to the study office and make the changes in LMS

April 17-18. Pre-Defense

May 1. Reviewers

The student must choose one external reviewer of his thesis. This person should apply to the same characteristics as the thesis supervisor, but cannot work at the same department as the latter. Anyway, this person can be an associate of an external organization/other university. Students provide to the study office information of the future reviewer:

- Full name, degree
- Position, Organization
- Contacts (email, tel)

If the student is not able to arrange the external reviewer, the academic council of the programme will support with suggestions.

May 19. Final version

Final text submission of the thesis to the supervisor and the external reviewer via LMS.

Beginning of June. Supervisors' reviews

Review and grading by the thesis supervisor and the external reviewer.

June 6-7. Defense

Regulations and templates

Master thesis regulation

Master Thesis Regulations (PDF, 281 Кб)

Master thesis topic application template


Master thesis topic change template

Topic Change 

Research advisor / external reviewer review


Title page of MT

Front Page 

Thesis Supervisor Change Application

Supervisor Change Application