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How to Apply

For International applicants

100 (quota place), 50, 25 % scholarships  competition.
Only applications submitted till April 1st could be recommended to 100 % scholarship competition

1. Submit an Application Form 

In order to access the application form, you must first register to create a profile. Detailed information about the application process is available here.

On HSE’s online application form page, click “Get login and password”. You will be asked to enter your personal details (full name, date of birth, gender, email address, and mobile phone number) and what type of programme you are applying to.

Your login and password will then be sent to the email address that you have provided.

Please note that login information is not automatically generated and that it may take up to 72 hours to process your details.

After logging in, you will immediately see the application form. Please fill out the form. There are several attachments that you should be ready to upload:

  1. Scan of the first page of your passport
  2. Abstract of your undergraduate thesis
  3. Scan of your diplomas and academic transcripts (if you have not yet received your Bachelor’s diploma, please include an official copy of your most recent academic transcript)
  4. Letter of motivation (describing your reasons for applying in the context of your long-term career goals and background)
  5. Resume/CV (including information about your education, professional, and research experience, as well as language proficiency and other skills)
  6. Exam results confirming language proficiency (optional)
  7. Another documents required by the programme portfolio

Please upload all attachments as PDF files and include your last name in the filename (for example, Smith_Diploma.pdf). Files should not exceed 15 MB.

Under “Field of study”, please select the two programmes you wish to apply to. Your first choice and second choice programmes must be different. To select a programme, click on the box so that it turns green and the list collapses. Several programmes offer full tuition scholarships. If the “Tuition-free (quota) education” box is already checked, it means that if you apply to this programme you will be automatically considered for a full-tuition scholarship. If you might consider studying at HSE without the support of a full-tuition scholarship, please check the “Tuition-based” box.  If the “Tuition-free (quota) education” box is not checked, this means that full-tuition scholarships are not available for this programme.

Instructions on how to use the application form are available here. Applications may be submitted in English or in Russian.

When you have fully completed the application form, click “Submit application” at the bottom of the form. Please note that this action is final and cannot be reversed, so make sure that you have correctly entered all of your information. After you have submitted your application, you will see the following message: “Congratulations! Your application has been successfully submitted and is currently pending review.”

2. Tuition fees

Estimated annual tuition fee for the enrolment 2023-2024 is 400 000 rubles (~ 5000 $ )  per year. 
Approximate cost living expenses can be found on NUMBEO.

3. Deadlines 
November 1 - 
August 11

online applications may be submitted for preliminary selection; online (and in-person) candidate interviews will be held with programme teams.

August 15

deadline for portfolio submissions 

August 28

deadline for signing agreements and enrollment forms

September 2

Classes start

Beginning of academic year - September 2, 2024

If you have any questions about the application or the deadlines please contact International Admission.

4. Further Questions

International students should contact HSE International Admissions or email questions to the Program’s Study Office - esmyslenova@hse.ru