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HSE University to Offer English Preparatory Programme in Economics

HSE University to Offer English Preparatory Programme in Economics

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The English Preparatory Programme in Economics is designed to prepare students for degree-level study in the field of Economics at the International College of Economics and Finance, as well as other HSE University schools. Alexander Deev, HSE Director of International Admissions, spoke with the HSE News Service about the admissions requirements and the study trajectories of the course.

Project Idea and Course Purpose

The idea to launch such a course first came from the International Admissions Office and the International Preparatory Programmes Centre. The preparatory programme includes subject-specific modules along with an English language course, thus helping international applicants better prepare for enrolling in highly selective English-taught programmes offered by ICEF and other HSE University schools.

The programme enables students to boost their knowledge of Economics-related disciplines so that they can smoothly transition to intensive Economics or Finance degree programmes. In addition, its launch will allow the university to give access to those who don’t have sufficient proficiency in English, providing them with an opportunity to develop their language skills.

Ivan Prostakov, Vice Rector of HSE University

Ivan Prostakov, Vice Rector of HSE University

Over 50 programmes at HSE University are English taught, including those which offer the opportunity to earn a parallel degree from an international university. While many international students are interested in such programmes, their English proficiency unfortunately doesn’t always meet the high requirements set by the programmes (their grade should be no lower than IELTS 6.0). That’s why we are launching English-taught preparatory courses, which we hope will improve their opportunities for education and career development.

Admission Requirements and Syllabus

To be admitted to the course, prospective students must take two exams: an online English language test, and an on-site Mathematics test. The minimal passing score is 55 on the English exam and 60 for Maths. You can take the mock tests to assess your current level.

The curriculum for the course, which runs from February to August, has been developed jointly with ICEF professors.

The syllabus consists of two modules: language-oriented and subject-oriented. The first module includes General English and English for Academic Purposes. The second module includes 360 hours in Economics-related subjects (including Economics, Mathematics, Introductory Finance, Introduction to Probability Theory and Statistics, Data Science, and Game Theory).

Course Advantages

The main advantage of the course is that the students will be prepared for the university entrance examinations and for the future study. It’s one thing to enter HSE University, but being able to continue with one’s studies can prove challenging.

The university’s English-taught bachelor’s programmes offer double degree opportunities (with LSE, for instance), which means that they have very high knowledge prerequisites. The English-taught master’s programmes are also quite selective and require students to have strong portfolios.

Successful graduates of the English Preparatory Programme in Economics are eligible for a scholarship of up to 50% on further tuition-paid degree programmes.

More information on HSE International Prepratory Programmes is available here.

Admissions to HSE’s Bachelor's and Master’s programmes are now open. International students can apply online. To learn more about HSE University, its admission process, or life in Moscow, please visit International Admissions website, or contact the Education & Training Advisory Centre at: inter@hse.ru, or via WhatsApp at: +7 (916) 311 8521.

Undergraduate applicants can take mock exams online to evaluate their chances of being accepted. Graduate applicants can register for preliminary portfolio assessment.

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