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International Olympiad Competitions for Master’s Programmes Held by HSE

In March and April, an HSE Olympiad competition for students and graduates took place in Russia and other countries, including the USA, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Vietnam. About 9,500 people registered for the competition, an increase of 25% over last year. One-third of all participants were HSE students and graduates. The winners of the Olympiad will be at an advantage when applying for HSE’s Master’s programmes corresponding to the competitions they participated in.

In the USA, the competition was held March 27-28 at the University of South Alabama, in Mobile. The most popular subjects there were Political Science and Political Analysis and Public Policy.  In Vietnam, the Olympiad was hosted by Hanoi Division of Pushkin State Russian Language Institute on April 4 and 5. Some prospective Vietnamese students learned about the opportunity to take part in the competition during BMI Global Education fair. Others have already had experience studying in Russia and came to meet with HSE representatives to find out more about opportunities the university offers.

On April 1, the Olympiad in Indonesia was held at the London School of Public Relations in Jakarta.  Participants from various Indonesian universities chose the following subject areas: Political Analysis and Public Policy; Big Data Systems; Governance of Science, Technology and Innovations; Socioeconomic and Political Development of Modern Asia; Linguistic Theory and Language Description, among others.

The HSE News Service spoke with several Olympiad participants in Indonesia:

Fakhri Aunurrahim

University of Indonesia, Major in Computer Engineering

Programme at HSE: Big Data Systems

I know about HSE from my friend. At first, I thought it was only economic studies, but then I discovered that HSE is going wider and it has Computer Science Studies, so I was interested and came here to participate in this Olympiad. I think the main difficulty for me will be the language barrier, but since this programme is taught in English I think it’s not the case.

Edo Syahputra

University of Gadja Mada, Major in Computer Science

Programme at HSE: Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation

From the information on the website I know that this university is going further in rankings internationally and regionally and it is already ranked in the top 5 university in Computer Science in Russia. With my background in Computer Science I’m really interested in studying there in English. I think that the educational system is quite similar to one here in Indonesia. As for the level of education in Russia – it offers higher job opportunities for graduates compared to the one here in Indonesia. In my opinion, Russia is one of the six great countries for education in Europe and it also looks quite promising for me. If I have a chance to continue studying in Russia for postgraduate studies, I would definitely stay there. And if not – I’ll come to my home country as a lecturer, I think.

Redentus Wisnu

University of Padjadjaran, Department of Russian studies

Programme at HSE: Linguistic Theory and Language Description

I learned about HSE from a professor who visited my university in Bandong. I’ve followed the university’s Facebook page so I got information about this competition and decided to take part. I think Russian is a really difficult language, and it would be hard for me to stay in Russia after I graduate. As you can see – I’ve studied this language for three years and my Russian is not that great at all. The second main difficulty for me, I think, is the weather. But I really want to study in Russia.

Victor Faraday

Trisakti School of Management

Programme at HSE: Political Analysis and Public Policy

I really like analysis in that field. I’ve been doing research and solving cases in that field since I was in school. I’ve heard that HSE has a lot of potential in this field, so I intend to join this university. In my opinion, Russia offers better education than here in Indonesia in that field because it is a global power and it has a lot of resources in the field of public policy. If I apply for that programme, I might stay in Russia for additional 2-3 years and will try to get work with the government.

Applications are currently being acepted for fee-paying slots on HSE's English-taught Bachelor's and Master's programmes. Visit HSE Admissions site for more information.


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‘Everyone Is Cool and Loves What They Do’

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individuals have already registered for the HSE International Olympiad Competitions for students and graduates. Those who take first place and win prizes will have an advantage when applying to HSE MA programmes. The registration deadline is March 6, 2017.

HSE Announces Olympiad Competitions for English-taught Master’s Programmes

In March 2017, International Olympiad Competitions will be held for perspective students interested in studying in Master’s programmes at HSE University. All current undergraduate students and recent university graduates students interested in pursuing a Master’s degree are invited to participate.

HSE Olympiads Come to Vietnam

From November 22 through December 1, 2016, a HSE delegation visited Vietnam to deliver HSE International Olympiad competitions for the first time in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.


students from 31 countries and 85 Russian regions have signed up for the 'Vyshaya Proba' Olympiad this year. This is 12,000 more than last year and a record number for the entire history of the Olympiad.


students at the HSE Lyceum are winners and runners up at the 'Vyshaya Proba' Olympiad.


people have  already signed up for the HSE Olympiad for students and alumni. Registration ends on February 9, and the Olympiad will be held February 14-15.


students have entered the second (intramural) stage of the 'Vyshaya Proba' Olympiad, which will be held from February 12 to 18.