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National Research University Higher School of EconomicsNewsAdmissionsHSE Announces Olympiad Competitions for English-taught Master’s Programmes

HSE Announces Olympiad Competitions for English-taught Master’s Programmes

In March 2017, International Olympiad Competitions will be held for prospective students interested in studying in Master’s programmes at HSE University. All current undergraduate students and recent university graduates students interested in pursuing a Master’s degree are invited to participate.

For the first time, International Olympiad Competitions will be held in English for entry to 14 different two-year English-taught Master’s programmes at HSE’s Moscow campus (please see the complete list below).

Olympiad winners will be accepted to the Master’s programmes corresponding to the competitions they participated in. In some cases, they will be awarded full-tuition scholarships or tuition discounts. All Olympiad participants will receive an advantage when applying to Master’s programmes at HSE.

To take part in an Olympiad, please register online. The deadline for registration is March 6. Detailed information about Olympiad dates and venues will be announced shortly. Please visit the Olympiad website for updates.

To prepare, you can review sample exams and study materials. Olympiad results can be used towards applying to 14 English-taught Master’s programmes:


See also:


individuals have already registered for the HSE International Olympiad Competitions for students and graduates. Those who take first place and win prizes will have an advantage when applying to HSE MA programmes. The registration deadline is March 6, 2017.

HSE Olympiads Come to Vietnam

From November 22 through December 1, 2016, a HSE delegation visited Vietnam to deliver HSE International Olympiad competitions for the first time in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.


students from 31 countries and 85 Russian regions have signed up for the 'Vyshaya Proba' Olympiad this year. This is 12,000 more than last year and a record number for the entire history of the Olympiad.


students at the HSE Lyceum are winners and runners up at the 'Vyshaya Proba' Olympiad.


people have  already signed up for the HSE Olympiad for students and alumni. Registration ends on February 9, and the Olympiad will be held February 14-15.


students have entered the second (intramural) stage of the 'Vyshaya Proba' Olympiad, which will be held from February 12 to 18.


The number of people who won and were awarded prizes in the International Youth Olympiad, which was held on December 26.


countries took part in the International Youth Olympiad.


of first-year students at the HSE this year were winners of Academic Olympiads in school. 

HSE Hosts Korean Language Olympiad

With the support of the Korean Fund, HSE’s School of Asian Studies held the Third All-Russian Student Olympiad for the Korean Language on May 12-13. This year, the Olympiad saw the participation of 29 students from 20 Russian universities in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Far East. Kseniya Andryuschenko, who was one of two students representing the Higher School of Economics’ School of Asian Studies, took third place at the competition.