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New Knowledge and New Friends: Chinese First-Year Student on Adapting to University Life in Moscow

Yunying Pei is a first-year student from China in the Bachelor’s Programme ‘HSE and University of London Double Degree Programme in Data Science and Business Analytics’ offered by Faculty of Computer Science. She recently sat down with HSE News Service to talk about what has helped her adjust to university life in Moscow.

Yunying Pei 

‘Studying at a university is, of course, different than studying in high school, so it is normal to feel stressed at first,’ says Yunying. ‘Nevertheless, I’ve managed to adjust to university life relatively fast.’

Yunying credits the rewarding nature of her studies, the support of HSE faculty and staff, and her new friends as the main reasons she has adjusted to her new life in Moscow so quickly.

But this is not to say it was easy. During her first year in the DSBA programme, the main subjects Yunying studied were Programming and Maths (with courses covering linear algebra, discrete mathematics and calculus). ‘If this is your thing, then you would definitely find the lessons appealing and enjoyable,’ Yunying explains. ‘Personally, I studied at a humanities-oriented high school, and did not have much knowledge in these subjects when I entered university. It was, to some extent, challenging for me to catch up.’ However, she was not dispirited by the difficulty of the coursework. ‘The fact that I was actually learning a lot motivated to keep working at it—learning, after all, was the primary reason why I chose DSBA. After studying hard, I felt a tremendous sense of achievement and self-improvement!’ In sum, she says, ‘It has been approximately half a year since I decided to major in DSBA, and I have not regretted it.’

Yunying additionally praises HSE faculty and staff for easing her transition. ‘HSE has incredible faculty and staff,’ Yunying says.

With no exaggeration, this is a place where you can feel the warmth of home, because everyone is willing to offer you help and support at any moment

‘While the lecturers and seminar instructors are all very professional, they are also very approachable and kind. I never hesitate to ask any questions (they even eagerly ask you to do so). The same goes for teaching assistants and admissions office employees. I have contacted them with questions dozens of times, and they have always treated me with respect and patience. I am quite grateful to them all.’

Finally, Yunying credits her new friends and classmates. ‘Most students in our major are friendly and easy-going, and, luckily for me, I’ve already managed to make some close and sincere friends. This is one of the best parts about university life: discussing in-class materials together, sharing ideas about home tasks, having fun at small events, and, generally, creating positive memories.’

‘University,’ says Yunying, ‘is about studying, gaining knowledge, conquering obstacles, and loving and understanding. HSE has provided me with all of these things, and I look forward to my next three and half years at DSBA.’


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