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Illustration for news: ‘IT Is an Untapped Mine of Professions’

‘IT Is an Untapped Mine of Professions’

As adept at mathematics as HSE MIEM graduate and Twin3D Chief Engineer Nikita Zimenko was, he turned out to be even more inquisitive, with the result that he fell out of love with math and set his sights on digital technologies instead. In this interview with Success Builder, he explained how to conduct research on astromechanics, what 3D animators do with the human body and whether metaverses have a future.

Illustration for news: IT at HSE Perm: From Academic Projects to Commercial Research

IT at HSE Perm: From Academic Projects to Commercial Research

Aleksey Kychkin, Head of the Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Empirical Studies, spoke to the HSE Look about his background, industry projects the lab has been doing, and student involvement in research.

Illustration for news: HSE University to Host FIT-M 2021 International Scientific Forum

HSE University to Host FIT-M 2021 International Scientific Forum

On December 16–18, the FIT-M 2021 International Scientific Forum on the Application of Information Technologies and Computer Simulation in Scientific Research and Engineering and Industrial Business will be held at HSE University. The forum will have a mixed format, with events taking place both offline and online.

‘It Was a “Survival Course” in Software Engineering’

It is said that a young professional must choose between an academic career or a career in business. Faculty of Computer Science alumnus and Ilya Segalovich scholarship recipient, Mikhail Fomichev, succeeds in both. Mikhail told the HSE News Service about his work at HSE University and Yandex.