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Illustration for news: How Moral Obligation Drives Protest

How Moral Obligation Drives Protest

Researchers have long studied the motives that inspire people to join in collective action. Three factors have received particular attention: anger caused by apparent social injustice; belief in the efficacy of collective action; and politicised identity. New studies have recently prompted a team of scholars, including a HSE researcher, to incorporate two additional factors into the existing model: ideology and moral obligation.

Illustration for news: HSE Experts Develop New Ways to Assess Professional Skills

HSE Experts Develop New Ways to Assess Professional Skills

Their ideas formed the basis of a declaration that Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova proposed be signed by the participating countries of the 45th WorldSkills Championship. The championship comes to a close in Kazan on August 27.

Illustration for news: HSE University and World Bank Discuss Joint Human Capital Development Projects

HSE University and World Bank Discuss Joint Human Capital Development Projects

On August 22, HSE University leadership met with Jaime Saavedra, Head of the World Bank's Education Global Practice.

Illustration for news: From Music to Sports: What to Do at HSE Day 2019

From Music to Sports: What to Do at HSE Day 2019

University life is more than classes and academic conferences. Whether it’s music, creativity, sports, or volunteerism, HSE Day allows you to get to know lots of extracurricular activities and meet fellow HSE students with common interests. Below is a list of venues were you can do this.

Illustration for news: The Campaign Against Bullying

The Campaign Against Bullying

Educators do not always deal with student aggression in the most effective manner. Sometimes teachers resort to severe and unsystematic methods that only make the bullying worse. According to researchers of the HSE Laboratory for Prevention of Asocial Behavior, the problem requires a comprehensive approach: aggression prevention programmes need to be incorporated into educational policy, and, in turn, schools need to foster supportive psychological climate and trust between teachers and students.

Illustration for news: HSE’s New Library at Pokrovka: 500 Seats, 24-Hour Access

HSE’s New Library at Pokrovka: 500 Seats, 24-Hour Access

On September 2, HSE’s newest and largest library will open its doors. Read on to learn about the concept behind its design, its collections, and its opening hours.

Illustration for news: HSE Open House: Where Physicists Study

HSE Open House: Where Physicists Study

Students in the Faculty of Physics, one of the newest departments at HSE, will find a homey atmosphere, understanding teachers, and the opportunity to engage in science from the first year of studies. Physics students Arslan Galiullin (2nd year) and Sofia Lopatina (1st year) will be our guides for this instalment of the Open House project.

Illustration for news: HSE Day: Learning History through Dance

HSE Day: Learning History through Dance

On September 5th, 2019, HSE Day will take place in Gorky Park. This year, HSE research and education website IQ has prepared a surprise for the guests. IQ staff together with Irina Sirotkina, HSE visiting lecturer, are organizing a performance dedicated to mass Soviet dance.

Brain in Space: What Happens to the Human Nervous System in Weightlessness

While Roscosmos is discussing future manned flights to Mars, NASA plans to open the International Space Station for commercial tourism, and SpaceX is testing its Starship Mars prototype, scientists are seriously concerned about the impact of prolonged stay in space on the human body. While the effects of weightlessness on bones, muscles and the vestibular system are well known, how the human brain copes with microgravity has yet to be fully examined. IQ.HSE has compiled the latest research on this topic.

‘All My Life I’ve Been Choosing between Tech and Design’

The Disney Channel’s youngest designer, Anastasia Zaitseva, is an IT Specialist by training. Why would a designer need a degree in engineering? What do you need an interdisciplinary education for? And how do you choose a major? The HSE alumna, who holds a bachelor’s from the Tikhonov Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM HSE) and a master’s from the School of Art and Design, knows the answers to these questions.