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From Turkey to Moscow by Way of Prague

Levent Çelik recently joined the Higher School of Economics as Assistant Professor of Economics. Before arriving at the HSE, he was Assistant Professor of Economics at CERGE-EI in Prague from 2006 to 2014. Professor Çelik’s research interests include industrial organization (with a focus on information disclosure, advertising, product differentiation and consumer search), international trade, and political economy.

Glad to be Immersed in a Very Strong Mathematical Tradition

Dr. Chris Brav, an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Mathematics has joined the HSE this year. He shared with the HSE news service his background, first impressions on living and working in Moscow and plans for future.

Illustration for news: Being Late for Classes, the Courage of Russian Students and Other Things that Surprise Foreign Teachers in Moscow

Being Late for Classes, the Courage of Russian Students and Other Things that Surprise Foreign Teachers in Moscow

Four international professors, teaching in Moscow talked to the online magazine Bolshoi Gorod (Big City) about their lives in the Russian capital, about Moscow’s universities and about who grows up faster — students in Russia or in the West. One of the four is Benjamin Lind who teaches at the HSE Faculty of Sociology.

In a Dialogue with the International Academic Community

HSE Associate Professor Sarah Busse Spencer held a research seminar for lecturers at HSE’s Perm campus.

Social Movements Now and Then: How People Make History

Sociologists have developed a variety of theories and empirical research on social movements that are closely connected with democracy. Why do people join and stay in social movements? What happens to them when participants achieve their goals? Benjamin Lind, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Sociology and author of the course 'History of Social Movements', explained what makes the subject relevant nowadays and shared his own experience with social movements in an interview for the HSE news service.

A Sociological Approach to Understanding Corruption

Corruption is a burning issue in Russia that won’t go away. What is the general attitude to corruption in Russia and other countries, and why does it draw so much public attention? How should we study this phenomenon? Lili Di Puppo, Associate Professor at the HSE Faculty of Sociology, author of the course ‘The Sociology of Corruption’ talked to the HSE news service, to help shed some light on the matter.

‘There’s a Less War-Like Culture Evolving’

Ronald Inglehart, Academic Supervisor at the HSE Laboratory of Comparative Social Research in St. Petersburg, has been affiliated with the HSE for several years now. He shared some of his impressions of the XV April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development and findings of the 4th LCSR International Workshop, which was part of the event.

HSE Launches Two International Laboratories together with NES and Skolkovo

The HSE will study Russia’s economic history together with colleagues from the New Economic School (NES). The project with Skolkovo will address problems of law and social development in the contemporary world. International researchers will be involved in both laboratories.

Corruption and Social Values — A Challenging Area to Research

Prof. Dr. Christian Welzel's (Leuphana University, Laboratory of Comparative Social Research at the HSE — Saint Petersburg) research focuses on the question of how ordinary people’s value orientations vary across the political cultures of contemporary societies in a global comparative perspective. The HSE English language News Service asked Professor Welzel to tell us more about how he sees the problem of corruption.

Professor Jonathan Linton: 'An Opportunity to Learn a Great Deal in Moscow'

Professor Jonathan Linton, Power Corporation Professor for the Management of Technological Enterprise of the University of Ottawa, Canada, and Editor-in-Chief of the ‘Technovation‘ journal has been appointed as the new Head of the HSE Laboratory for Science and Technology Studies at ISSEK the Institute of Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge. In this interview for the HSE English Language News Servicel he talked about what he hopes to achieve in his new job.