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Five Master’s Programmes for Future Researchers

Five Master’s Programmes for Future Researchers

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HSE offers a wide range of master’s programmes for all tastes. There are currently 31 programmes taught entirely in English. Some, such as ‘Financial Analyst’ or Prototyping Future Cities, are more practice-oriented; others pave the way for careers in academia. International students can apply online until August 20.

Russian Studies

The Master’s Programme ‘Russian Studies’ is a new programme offered by HSE’s Faculty of Social Sciences. The programme aims to train professionals with both a knowledge of the country’s rich history and cultural heritage, and the ability to comprehend its contemporary reality, with its achievements and problems, successes and challenges.

The programme aspires to help students coming from diverse backgrounds — Western and Asian, and certainly Russians as well — to learn to understand and analyze how Russia lives and works. The students will have an unrivalled opportunity to try to unwrap at least some of this country’s mysteries.

Careers: Programme graduates may decide to pursue further study at the doctoral level in Russian history, political science, or literature for careers in academia, government, policymaking, or international relations. Programme graduates will also be competitive candidates for positions in government, public policy, analysis, international education, and nonprofit organizations.

Statistical Learning Theory

Programme description: Offered by the Faculty of Computer Science, the English-taught Master’s Programme ‘Statistical Learning Theory’ is run jointly with the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech), so graduates of the programme receive master’s degrees from both institutions simultaneously. Students of the programme not only learn the most important developments in statistical learning theory, a field that sits at the crossroads between mathematics and computer sciences, but undertake independent scientific research, the results of which may then be incorporated into their dissertations.

Careers: Graduates of the ‘Statistical Learning Theory’ programme work at specialists in one of the highest-demand areas of mathematics and computer science. Graduates of the programme may opt to continue their scientific careers in leading universities and academic institutes in Russia and abroad or join companies such as Yandex, Google, Microsoft, Bosch, Huawei, or Siemens, who seek specialists in this field.

Cognitive Sciences and Technologies: From Neuron to Cognition

Programme description: The Master’s Programme ‘Cognitive Sciences and Technologies: From Neuron to Cognition’ is the only English-taught cognitive science master’s programme in Russia that is open to applicants who hold undergraduate degrees outside of the usual requisite areas of psychology and biology. The programme was developed in collaboration with the École Normale Supérieure (Paris) and the Center of Functional Integrative Neuroscience at the University of Oxford.

Students of the programme learn modern research developments in the processes of memory, emotions, and knowledge. Students also study molecular and neurobiological mechanisms not only in theory but in practice – both in leading laboratories of Moscow and partner research centers in Europe. Programme courses are taught by world class scientists and researchers of cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, neuroeconomics, and neurolinguistics.

Careers: As experts in cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience and neuromodelling, programme graduates may choose to continue their academic careers in one of the neuroscience centers in Russia or abroad, implement projects on the optimization and assessment of user interfaces, join manufacturing companies of biomedical equipment, and even perform preoperative brain mapping brain in medical institutes. 

Applied Statistics with Network Analysis

Programme description: While the demand for skilled professionals in data science and networks analysis is growing dramatically among companies and analytical centers, there still exists a scarcity of programmes that provide good training in this area. The Master’s Programme ‘Applied Statistics with Network Analysis’ seeks to fill this gap. The programme is for students who wish to develop their statistical knowledge and credentials by obtaining a graduate degree in Applied Statistics, regardless of their primary field of study. Given the focus of the ANR Lab, an emphasis on network analytic methods will further enhance the programme’s offering, since networks recently became a popular source of data in a variety of fields. 

Students choose one of two career tracks – business-oriented or academic – and can shape their study according to their career interests. Both tracks provide specific internship opportunities aimed at helping students become competitive candidates on the job market.

Careers: Programme graduates will be well-equipped to work as data analysts in banks, insurance companies, IT and telecommunications companies, and more. Students interested in research and academic careers may pursue doctoral studies upon completion of the programme.

Politics. Economics. Philosophy.

Programme description: The unique Master’s Programme ‘Politics. Economics. Philosophy’ takes its curriculum from international models—this first programme of this kind (granted, at the bachelor’s level) appeared at the University of Oxford in the 1920s. Since then, graduates of the programme have gone on to become well-known British and international politicians, servicemen, public figures, philosophers, scholars, and businessmen. Within this time, many universities in the UK and Ireland have opened similar programmes. These universities include York University, the University of Warwick, the University of Manchester, Lancaster University, Durham University, and others.

Programmes that provide a classical education in political science, economics, and philosophy at the master’s level have spread to a lesser extent in England and Europe, and in Russia, HSE’s programme is the first of its kind entirely. The programme is interdisciplinary and the curriculum is founded both on leading research and learning methods in the social sciences and humanities. Students of the programme master two key academic diciplines – political science and economics.

Careers: Graduates of the programme may embark upon two fundamental career trajectories: doctoral study for careers in academia (both in Russia and abroad), or service and policy, including areas such as the federal or local government, non-profit organizations, analytical and consulting centers, or PR and GR agencies.

Admissions to HSE’s programmes are now open. International students can apply online. To learn more about HSE University, its admission process, or life in Moscow, please visit International Admissions website, or contact the Education & Training Advisory Centre at: inter@hse.ru,  or via WhatsApp at: +7 (916) 311 8521.


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