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Night Descends upon HSE at Pokrovka

HSE University hosted its long-awaited student festival ‘Night’ at its building on 11 Pokrovsky Boulevard Thursday. Featuring 12 hours of lectures, games, master classes, music, and conversation. It was a night no students, lecturers or guests had any time for sleep.

About ten years have passed since the first ‘Night’ was held at the Cultural Centre - an entertainment festival where HSE community members gathered annually until 2014. After a short break, the festival returned in an updated format: since 2016, the participants not only sing songs with their guitars, but also talk about science, modern art, technology and social issues.

The organizers - Ingroup STS, the Centre for Student Academic Development, and the Office for Alumni Relations and Career Development - decided to celebrate the university’s return to Pokrovsky Boulevard by organizing six large interactive zones for HSE guest on five floors of the building. Scroll through the photos below for a look at the best moments from each of the six zones during HSE Night.


Why is modern Russian fiction unpopular abroad, while non-fiction, on the contrary, is in demand? How does the monopolization of the book market affect the emergence of new names in literature? These issues were discussed at the lecture by Galina Yuzefovich, literary critic and visiting lecturer for the HSE-NES joint degree programme. Festival guests also drew their own comics and took part in a literary quiz.


Games are a universal way to learn and relax at the same time. Walking around the HSE building at Pokrovsky Boulevard, it was hard to miss the numerous board games, ‘Mafia’ participants and enthusiastic Dendy and Nintendo players. Meanwhile, Elizaveta Oginskaya, Analytics Team Leader at Changellenge, and Arthur Gobeev, Managing Partner at Center-Game, told the guests how gamification helps companies find employees and develop their skills.


When you see the film 'The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat Station’ (1895) by the Lumière brothers next to the strangest videos from the Chinese social network TikTok on one screen, you begin to realize how media has changed over the past hundred years and how it affects our lives. Guests of HSE “Night” had the opportunity to  dive into the history of media, try their hand at being news editors and learn about YouTube journalism.


Science ambassadors took over the library that night, turning it into a higly popular area.There were stories about research failures that sounded like detective novels (for example, the way Adrian Vlahov, Senior Lecturer at the School of Linguistics, was mistaken for an American spy because of the stripes on his jacket), lessons in the history of Academic Tinder, which gives you a chance to receive a “like” on your term paper topic from Professor Vitaly Kurennoy; and discussions on important issues in Science Dating with those who already know that science is not boring.

Movies and TV

Many people dream of getting close to the magic of the cinema. Festival guests learned about the latest industry trends from Dmitry Kotov, producer and Academic Supervisor of the programme ‘Multi-platform Film Production’, watched and discussed cultural codes in sitcoms and tried to recreate the sounds of a fight, which, fortunately, only caused damage to a cabbage.


Contemporary art is not always provocative, and activism is not always a performance. This year, festival guests at the HSE Cultural Centre tried to understand the intricacies of contemporary art and how to bring it into their lives. Theatre lovers were especially lucky: they could compare the classic plot of ‘The Gabrieliad’ performed by HSE Theatre with an experimental fairytale thriller from the Alejandro Valencio Theatre company. DIY fans, meanwhile, tried their hand at sculpture, drawing and art photography.In the end, the seventh ‘Night’ festival  offered guests a wonderful chance to enjoy a variety of intellectual entertainment amidst a cozy and friendly atmosphere.

For more photos, visit the “Night” festival l group on VKontakte and the Studlife community page (all photos here were provided by the Studlife community).

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Experts Discuss Media, Art, Fashion, and Education at Telling Stories Festival 2020

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Undergraduate and postgraduate students at the HSE Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM) recently presented their innovations at the All-Russia Science Festival (NAUKA+).  Among them were ‘intelligent electric outlets’, which eliminate worries about irons being left plugged in, and a device for measuring eye fatigue.

HSE Takes Part in Nationwide Science Festival NAUKA 0+

It’s become fashionable to take an interest in science and research, and there are lots of researchers and academics at HSE who do in addition to carrying out research are gifted enough to be able to explain it in an engaging way to other people. You can meet them and learn about the latest research breakthroughs at the NAUKA 0+ festival, which gets underway in Moscow on October 9. Here’s an outline of what HSE offers as part of NAUKA 0+.

Join HSE at Muzeon to Dance and Think

On May 31 at the Muzeon Park of Arts, the Mayovka Youth Festival will be held by the Russian Union of Youth. Activities awaiting visitors include sports, cooking classes, design lessons and a number of other events. HSE will have two venues at the festival – one for dancing and the other for intellectual games.

HSE screens 5 films as part of the 360° 4th Contemporary Science Film Festival

From October 9-14, the HSE will become one of the screening venues for the 360° 4th Contemporary Science Film Festival. The festival offers a platform for films that talk about scientific and academic research in an accessible way – comprehensible for a general audience. After each screening, there will be a discussion with specialists. This is our guide to the HSE screenings and talks.