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HSE Art and Design School in St Petersburg Launches Fashion Design Track

Show of the Fashion track at the HSE Art and Design School, July 12, 2023

Show of the Fashion track at the HSE Art and Design School, July 12, 2023
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Starting from 2024, applicants to the HSE Art and Design School in St Petersburg will be able to choose a new track in Fashion Design—something unique to the city’s fashion industry. Students of the new track will study according to a special programme developed by the HSE Art and Design School. The track has already been successfully tested on the Moscow campus and has shown impressive results, judging by the careers of its graduates.

During the first year, students study the basics of modern design in fashion, learn to look for sources, references, themes, and concepts, and develop observation and taste. In the second year, students work with historical costumes and cultural and social phenomena while conducting in-depth visual research. The third year is devoted to studying design as part of the fashion industry, creating a capsule collection and a runway collection for a collective brand. In the final year, students create an original clothing collection of at least seven looks, shoot a lookbook, and demonstrate models.

The track’s graduates will be able to work as clothing and accessory designers, stylists, and costume, textile, and print designers. They will build a career in the fashion industry based on a modern integrated approach under the guidance of successful designers and experts in the fashion world.

Works by students of the Fashion track at the HSE Art and Design School

The track’s curator will be Leonid Alexeev, founder of the House of Leo brand, developer of clothing lines for Russian national brands, participant in international and Russian fashion weeks, and designer of costumes for plays and films. For several years now, Leonid has been supervising the ‘Creating a Fashion Brand’ master’s track at the HSE Art and Design School in Moscow.

Leonid Alexeev, Curator of the Fashion Design track at the HSE Art and Design School in St Petersburg

'In St Petersburg, designers are always surrounded by art, and this has a strong influence on the style of the clothes they create. Graduates of our track will be able to give outstanding fashion stories to the city and the world and build a career in one of the most exciting and creative areas of design.'

As early as during the training process, students will be able to join large-scale projects implemented by the HSE Art and Design School in collaboration with partners—fashion houses, famous designers, industries, and factories. For example, the portfolios of students and graduates of the Moscow campus include work at MBFW Russia, Russian Creative Week, participation in training programmes from Dior, fashion shows, and collaborations with Uniqlo, Lamoda, Mezzatorre, and Albione.

Mitya Kharshak, Head of the HSE Art and Design School in St Petersburg

‘Fashion today is one of the most attractive, energetic, and developing areas of the creative industries, and fashion in St Petersburg has its own unique flavour. I see that this industry is actively developing, growing, and attracting young people; new young brands by St Petersburg fashion designers are appearing. The market needs qualified young professionals who have their own unique vision and are able to meet all the strict criteria that the modern fashion industry imposes. And the HSE Art and Design School, whose main principles include, first of all, a project approach, will offer precisely these kinds of specialists to the creative fashion industry!’

You can learn more about studying at the HSE Art and Design School in St Petersburg on the Open Day, which will take place on October 15 in St Petersburg at the following address 3 Kantemirovskaya Ulitsa. Those interested in participating must register in advance.

About the Fashion Programme at the HSE Art and Design School

The Fashion programme at the HSE Art and Design School in Moscow has been running for more than five years and successfully trains clothing designers, photographers, fashion editors, and general specialists in the fashion industry. The training is based on practical tasks and is conducted under the guidance of successful designers and experts in the fashion world. The educational trajectory of each student depends on their chosen track—Fashion Design, Branding in Fashion Industry, or Photography.

On November 12 at 11 am, we invite you to the Open Day for bachelor’s programmes of the HSE Art and Design School, namely, the Design and Fashion programmes, where you can learn everything about admission and training, meet the curators, and choose your educational track.

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Projects by HSE Art and Design School Students at New UNIQLO Store

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Project Highlights from HSE’s Master’s Programme in Fashion

Over the past year our students and graduates of the Master’s Programme ‘Fashion’ participated in a diverse array of projects. The emerging designers put on two of their own fashion shows at Rizhsky Station as part of Arts Night 2018 as well as the large festival Telling Stories, participated in exhibitions, collaborated with prominent brand names, and opened a joint showroom in the Klebozavod (Bread Factory) space.

A New Art Gallery, New Programmes and an Exhibition at the Museum of Moscow

The HSE ART AND DESIGN Festival, which was held at the Museum of Moscow, served as the final exam for students of HSE’s School of Art and Design. On the final day of the festival, undergraduate and graduate students of the ‘Fashion’ programme presented more than a hundred of pieces of their own design in a fashion show. HSE News Service covered the event.