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Competition to Launch Experimental Research Laboratories Remains Open Until September 30

Competition to Launch Experimental Research Laboratories Remains Open Until September 30

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The competition is open to research projects in the fields of biophotonics and ageing (biology, physiology, biomedicine, biostatistics, and bioinformatics). The competition is aimed at creating, supporting, and developing science and international-level schools at HSE University. The university is also working to develop modern infrastructure for its natural sciences cluster as part of its active involvement in global research.

The results of the competition will be used to create laboratories at HSE University’s faculties and institutes. Funding is scheduled to continue until the end of 2026, though the laboratories’ work may be extended based on the findings of international expert assessments conducted independently every five years.

The winners of the competition will receive up to 180 million roubles in 2022–2023 for purchasing equipment, and up to 13 million roubles per year in 2022–2023 and up to 17 million roubles per year in 2024–2026 to cover wages, academic mobility, consumables, equipment maintenance and other associated costs.

Criteria for participation in the open competition include the level of scientific publications by the laboratory team, experience in conducting experimental research, the number of patents and patent applications, the relevance and novelty of the planned research, and the feasibility of achieving the declared research results under the stated terms and methods.

The research should not duplicate any research carried out presently or in the past as part of other projects implemented at the University or outside it.

The Head of the Laboratory and key members of the research team have the right to participate in one application submitted to the competition.

Maria Yudkevich

Maria Yudkevich, HSE University Vice Rector, notes that the competition can help the university to attract teams of researchers and talented young people to conduct promising breakthrough research in Russia. The researchers will have the opportunity to implement their ideas and create world-class laboratories. HSE students will be able to participate in the work of experimental laboratories, allowing them to join a research track during bachelor’s studies and become part of the global research process. The University will significantly strengthen its scientific infrastructure and benefit greatly from the synergy of the work done by existing and new research groups.

Maria Yudkevich also hopes for the integration of experimental laboratories with leading Russian research centers and universities working in priority scientific areas.

Applications are open until September 30, 2021. The results of the competition will be announced by December 25, 2021. Please see the competition website for more information about its terms and requirements.


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HSE University has announced an open project competition to create experimental research laboratories in the natural sciences. The competition is open to research projects in the fields of biophotonics and ageing (biology, physiology, biomedicine, biostatistics, and bioinformatics.)

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Last year the HSE-Perm established a new Scientific Research Laboratory for Industrial Organization Empirical Analysis. Grigory Kosenok, Full Professor of the New Economic School and Research Manager of the Laboratory, talks about the laboratory and the International Conference on Applied Economics which will be held in Perm HSE in September on September 18-20, 2013 where international specialists to be keynote speakers at the Conference have been invited.

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One of the HSE’s applications was a winner at the third competition to attract leading researchers to Russian universities. The competition was held by Decree No. 220 of the Government of the Russian Federation. A new Laboratory of Mathematical Finance at the HSE will be headed by Yury Kabanov, Professor at the University of Franche-Comté (Besançon).

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For over a year now John Nye, professor of George Mason University (USA), has been heading the HSE International Laboratory of Institutional Analysis of Economic Reforms. During his most recent visit to Moscow, Professor Nye told the HSE reporter about how the laboratory’s work is organized and what staff it needs, as well as about its research and new courses, some of which will be launched in May.

New, but Already Successful

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