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HSE University Launches New Master’s Programmes on Coursera

HSE University Launches New Master’s Programmes on Coursera

HSE Master’s programmes in four new specializations are now available on Coursera in the fields of business analysis, finance, and computer science. Each specialization consists of a series of courses and a practice-oriented final project, says the HSE eLearning Office.

On the world’s biggest elearning platforms there is a growing demand for specializations that form undergraduate and master’s programmes. According to Class Central, in 2018, 310 specializations by the world’s leading universities were offered on Coursera, with 400 in 2019 and over 500 in 2020. Over 30% of specializations are in economics and management, while another 30% are related to computer science. Specializations in medicine, biology, the humanities, the natural sciences, and engineering are also present, though to a much lesser extent. The most popular specialization, ‘Python for Everybody’ by the University of Michigan, has over 500,000 of students.

Specializations help you understand whether elearning and Master’s studies are right for you. They also help you determine whether you want to continue the two-year programme and earn a Master’s degree from HSE University.

Destination: Master’s Degree

HSE University offers six Russian-taught and four English-taught specializations on Coursera, of which two have been created together with UC San Diego (Data Structures and Algorithms and Introduction to Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science) and one with an industry partner, Google (Foundations of Digital Marketing). ‘Data Structures and Algorithms’ specialization (launched in 2016) has attracted the 7th highest number of students (over 210,000) on Coursera, and ‘Advanced Machine Learning’ specialization (launched in 2019) ranks 26th in terms of student enrolment (over 93,000).

HSE University offers specializations in economics, marketing, finance, and computer science. Each specialization consists of a series of 4 to 7 courses and a practice-oriented capstone project, which can only be done if the student has successfully completed all coursework.

On May 5, HSE University launched four additional specializations as part of new Master’s programmes: Network Analytics for Business (Master of Data and Network Analytics programme), Basics in Computer Vision (Master of Computer Vision programme), Value Based Business Analytics (Master of Business Analytics programme), and Quantitative Finance (Master of Finance programme).

Network Analytics for Business helps students expand their set of professional tools for business analysts and updates their knowledge in network analysis and unstructured data (texts). These fields will be in high demand in the near future: social connections and means of communication in addition to information networking between individuals can potentially tell us a lot more about corporate processes than traditional number analysis. The courses in the specialization (Introduction to Text Mining with R, Network Analysis, Business Analytics: Diversity of Practical Applications, and Contemporary Data Analysis: Survey and Best Practices) are designed for students willing to study not only the theoretical aspects of business analysis, but to get to know the best industrial practices. Particular attention is therefore paid to project work and real case solutions.

Students of Basics in Computer Vision will systematize their mathematical and programming skills necessary to develop computer vision algorithms and will learn to use OpenCV library to analyse 2D images (which is widely used by developers of relevant apps). The capstone project in the Mathematics for Computer Vision course involves creating an app in Python (Jupiter notebook). Students of the 2D Image Processing course will work on a Develop C++ app with the use of OpenCV. Participants of the Object-Oriented Programming course will create an app in C++.

Value Based Business Analytics specialization focuses on the key financial concepts of creating a sustainable value growth trend for companies of any size: from small family enterprises to corporations. In their courses (Econometrics, Financial markets and instruments, International Financial Reporting Standards-1, Theory of Finance, Corporate Finance), participants will have the opportunity to meet with leaders of the global financial market: PWC, Rosselkhozbank, Moscow Exchange, Boston Consulting Group, and IBS.

Quantitative Finance examines a wide range of topics: from time value of money and descriptive statistics, to the building of econometric models based on real data. Students use Excel and RStudio as their work tools. Each course in the specialization (Quantitative Methods in Finance, Econometrics (Advanced Level), and Financial Modeling) includes a project assignment, which is reviewed by top industry experts. The final project is developing one’s own financial model – a serious asset to your CV in the eyes of your future employer.

The Magnificent Five

HSE University has become the first and so far the only Russian university to introduce an online Master’s programme on Coursera in February 2020. The opportunity to earn a prestigious Master’s degree from HSE University is now available to students all over the world.

The English-taught programme ‘Master of Data Science’ aims to train highly qualified data science specialists, machine learning developers, and researchers in data science. In September 2021, HSE University is also launching four more unique online Master’s programmes on the platform.

The Master of Computer Vision programme has been developed by researchers from the HSE University campus in Nizhny Novgorod and leading experts from Huawei, Itseez3D, Intel, Harman, and Xperience.ai. The online Master’s programme by the Faculty of Informatics, Mathematics, and Computer Science (HSE Nizhny Novgorod) offers the most relevant competencies by leaders of the Computer Vision industry. The students have an opportunity to learn about cutting-edge studies in computer vision and master the tools of technology market drivers.

The programme in Finance has been created by researchers from the HSE Banking Institute on the basis of the Chartered Financial Analyst syllabus of the CFA Institute. The programme instructors are industry leaders and top experts in the field who have CFA, FRM and ACCA certificates and will introduce the students to the most relevant and innovative approaches in financial analysis.

The Master of Business Analytics programme prepares professionals who are competent in various capital assessment. Its graduates are able to create a sustainable value growth trend for company stakeholders and act as financial leaders in organizations of any size.

The programme, Master of Data and Network Analytics has been developed by experts of the International laboratory for Applied Network Research and offers comprehensive training in contemporary analysis. Data analysis experts will be in high demand on developed markets in the near seven years. Each programme offers its students a choice of several professional tracks.

Evgenia Kulik, Director for eLearning

We are observing a steady trend in online learning today: industry leaders are moving from creating separate stand-alone courses to complex academic online products (specializations, micro degrees, and completely remote Master’s and undergraduate programmes).

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Master of Computer Vision: New Online Programme on Coursera

In September 2021, HSE University’s Faculty of Informatics, Mathematics and Computer Science at HSE Nizhny Novgorod launched the new applied degree programme Master of Computer Vision. Developed in collaboration with leading experts in the field of computer vision - Huawei, Itseez3D, Intel, Harman, and Xperience.ai – the programme is available on the Coursera platform and open to applicants from all over the world. Andrey Savchenko, Academic Supervisor of the new programme, talked to The HSE Look about how it came to be and what are its advantages.

HSE Faculty of Computer Science Launches Digital Literacy Course on Coursera

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European Values: From the Discovery of America to the First World War

The English-language course ‘Europe and the World, ca. 1500 to 1914’ has launched on Coursera. Its author, Andrey Iserov, Deputy Dean for International Affairs at the HSE Faculty of Humanities, examines a historical span of four centuries during which European states reached the peak of their economic, military, and political power. Students of the course will learn how the independence of Hispanic America by the mid-1820s influenced China, what caused the religious schism in Western Christianity in the 16th century, and how European colonial policy developed.

HSE University’s Online Master of Business Analytics Offers New Opportunities

The English-taught fully online Master of Business Analytics is offered by HSE University on Coursera in partnership with the AICPA Association. The first cohort will start their classes in September 2021. The programme aims to train a new generation of finance leaders. Working together with AICPA Association allows HSE University to significantly expand the range of educational options available to students.

HSE Launches Master of Finance Programme on Coursera with CFA-Based Curriculum

The HSE Banking Institute is launching a new Master of Finance programme on Coursera. The online programme is English-taught and based on the CFA certification requirements. Professor Vasily Solodkov, the director of the Banking Institute and the academic supervisor of the programme is discussing the programme features.

HSE University Course in Programming Ranks Among the Top 5 Coursera Courses of the Year in Russia

Coursera has listed the most popular courses in 2020 among users from Russia. ‘Basics of Programming in Python’ by HSE Unviersity is among the top five.

HSE University Announces Four Master’s Degrees on Coursera

Degrees in business, technology, and data science will enable students around the world to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow. HSE University and Coursera today announced four new online degree programmes at global higher education conference, eSTARS. With upcoming English-language master’s programmes in business analytics, computer vision, data and network analytics, and finance, HSE now has five fully online degrees on the Coursera platform.

‘It’s Cool to See So Many International Participants from Different Backgrounds’

The students of the second cohort in HSE University’s Master of Data Science have started their classes. This English-taught programme is offered entirely online on Coursera and is the first of its kind in Russia.

HSE and Coursera to Host International eSTARS Conference

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