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Jan 21, 18:10

CInSt Research Seminar 'The Distributional Effects of Student Loan Forgiveness'

Jan 21, 18:30

Seminar 'Cultural and Linguistic Dimensions of Time'

Jan 23, 11:00

Master's Programmes of the Faculty of Economic Sciences: Open House

Jan 28, 10:00

'Master of Data Science Admissions' Webinar


About Rome and the Romans

Management researcher Arie Y. Lewin's special lecture on multinational companies adjusting to the local mentality in the entry into new markets.

A Bridge between Science and Practice

On May 20, 2013, as part of Innovation Media Day, a discussion panel ‘Technologies of the Future: A View from Innovation Leaders, Development Institutions, and Media’ took place. The panel was organized by the HSE, RIA Novosti, and Russian Venture Company.

Fabian Slonimczyk, Assistant Professor, HSE: ‘This is Indeed an Important Event!’

The First International ‘Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey of HSE’ User Conference will be held in Moscow on May, 17-18th.  Fabian Slonimczyk, Assistant Professor, International College of Economics and Finance, Faculty of Economics HSE  gave a special interview to the HSE news service about the conference.

HSE Report 'Knowledge Intensive Business Services for Public Needs' presented at the University of Urbino

An international conference on 'Innovation in the Public Sector and the Development of e-services' was held on April 18 and 19 at the University of Urbino, Italy. Elena Shadrina, Associate Professor at the Department of Public Administration and Municipal Management at HSE in Perm, shared her impressions of the conference.

Deen Lillard, Associate Professor, Ohio State University, USA: ‘I Expect Opportunities for Cross-Country Collaboration to Grow’

The First International ‘Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey of HSE’ User Conference will be held in Moscow on May, 17-18th. Deen Lillard, Associate Professor, Department of Human Sciences and Director and Project Manager of the Cross-National Equivalent File Study, Ohio State University, USA, one of the keynote speakers at the conference gave a special interview to the HSE news service.

A New Scale for Universities

A new, innovative method of university ranking was presented in Moscow at the international conference ‘Lessons of multi-dimension ranking of Russian universities. Gero Federkeil, leading expert at the CHE-Centre for Educational Development, Germany, and expert at IREG, participated in developing  the methodology of the new Russian ranking and spoke to us about these new Russian and European university rankings.

The International Conference on Applied Economics in Perm HSE in September

Last year the HSE-Perm established a new Scientific Research Laboratory for Industrial Organization Empirical Analysis. Grigory Kosenok, Full Professor of the New Economic School and Research Manager of the Laboratory, talks about the laboratory and the International Conference on Applied Economics which will be held in Perm HSE in September on September 18-20, 2013 where international specialists to be keynote speakers at the Conference have been invited.

Friendship between Pilots Decreases Flight Safety

Abolishing piece-work payment for pilots and the reduction of using fixed pilots combinations could help to improve air transportation safety, according to Anton Nakonechny in his recent study.

Laughter and Protest

The fun-loving nature of the 2011-2012 protests in Russia offered a stark contrast to what happened at the rallies of the 1980s and 1990s. Svetlana Shomova studied the key features of the self-made, humorous banners and methods used at the protests.

As Revenues Grow, the Middle Class Thinks More about the Country

The ‘lower’ middle class is focused on family. The ‘upper’ is focused on social changes. As the level of social self-determination grows, the middle class is changing its motivation for engaging in social activity. A study by Alla Kupreychenko.