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Monday, Oct 27 18:10

Sergey Pergamenschikov to speak on ‘Approximate Hedging Problem with Transaction Costs in Stochastic Volatility Markets’ at ILQF Seminar

Tuesday, Oct 28 14:00

Lecture by Stefano Cappa ‘Resting State Neuroimaging: Principles and Advances

Tuesday, Oct 28 18:30

Lecture by Jeremy M. Wolfe ‘Hybrid Search: How Long-term Memories Interact with Visual Search

Wednesday, Oct 29 11:00
Second Journal Club Meeting

Fourth International Conference 'Law in the Digital Environment', Moscow, November 10–11, 2014.

Registration deadline: November 5, 2014 

XVI April International Conference on ‘Modernising the Economy and Society

Application to present a paper: September 9 – November 11. Application to attend the conference: November 12 – March 20 

The Economic Crisis Has Not Affected Europeans' Values

The 2008-2009 financial crisis could have affected people's values; however, researchers have not yet found any such changes in Europe. A study by Maksim Rudnev and Vladimir Magun of the HSE's Laboratory for Comparative Studies in Mass Consciousness and Peter Schmidt, former head of the HSE's Laboratory for Socio-Cultural Research, suggests that the recent financial crisis may have a delayed effect on society's values.


is the number of categories in this year’s research competition for HSE students and graduates. 

Why Study Emotions Across the World

Professor Gerrod Parrott from Georgetown University has come to the HSE for a brief visit to deliver a series of lectures to master’s students at the Faculty of Psychology. On October 17 he also gave a public lecture on ‘Effects of American and Russian Cultures on Emotions’. The aim of the presentation was to introduce several research topics, describe preliminary findings and explore possibilities of collaboration with Russian researchers in this field.

Portable Pensions Will Reduce Informal Migrant Labour

Migrant workers in the CIS are vulnerable in terms of pension rights. The recipient country does not expect to care for them in old age, while the country of origin does not count the years worked abroad towards their retirement plan. Portable pensions may offer a solution, according to researchers of the HSE's Laboratory for Comparative Social Research (St. Petersburg) involved in the study Pension Mobility within the Eurasian Economic Union and the CIS.

Russia and Brazil: Studying Global Media Together

A group from Brazil’s Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais visited the HSE to participate in a seminar that was part of the ‘Russia-Brazil Major Sport Events: Social Commotion in Global Media’ joint project.

Sanctions Accelerate Inflation

Sanctions and the decline of the ruble have caused inflation rates in Russia to exceed the Ministry of Economic Development's official projection and to hit a three-year maximum. Furter weakening of the ruble will lead to the continued growth of annual inflation, according to the HSE's New Comments on the State and Business.

HSE.Cornerstone: Izmailovo Complex

For several hundred years Izmailovo Manor belonged to the imperial court. Russian tsars and their attendants hunted in the surrounding groves, and the area received the official status of the Moscow region after the revolution. Eventually factories and workers' settlements would be erected in place of the area’s trees and swamps. One of these factories was not like the others; it produced not machines or equipment, but answers to a number of questions.

One Way Towards International Recognition

Sergey Yakovlev presented at 'Joint Education Programmes between European and Russian Universities’ conference. The conference was organized in Moscow by the Delegation of the European Union to Russia.

Researching Higher Education in Russia Attracts Growing Number of Foreign Specialists

On October 16-18, the 5th International Conference of the Russian Association of Higher Education Researchers took place at the Higher School of Economics. The theme of this year's conference was 'Managing Differentiation in Rapidly Changing Higher Education Systems: Challenges and Opportunities.'

‘Going Viking’ for Experience: HSE Staff Training at the University of Oslo

If universities were people, then the 203-year-old University of Oslo (UiO) would be the great grandfather of the Higher School of Economics, which was founded in 1992. It is remarkable, however, that despite of the age gap, the student populations of the two universities are comparable in size. The UiO – almost the same size as the HSE but having 10 times more experience – is therefore definitely one of the best partners to learn best practices from.