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HSE/NES Research Seminar ‘Democratization and Barriers to Entry in a Two-Dimensional Voting Model

Mar 11 – Mar 13

7th Scientific Student Conference ‘E-business. Internet Project Management. Innovations

Deadline for application: March 1 

Apr 6 – Apr 10
Fifth LCSR International Workshop on social and cultural changes in cross-national perspective

Deadline for application: January 15, 2015 

Apr 7 – Apr 10

XVI April International Conference on ‘Modernising the Economy and Society

Application to attend the conference: November 12 – March 20 

Jun 27 – Jul 3
Russian Summer School on Institutional Analysis 2015

Application deadline: March 20 

Jan 28 – Apr 20
Competition of Manuscripts 'Pavel Romanov Prize'. Call for papers

Submission deadline: April 20 

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The Crisis Is Forcing Us to Seek New Answers to Old Questions

On 7-10th April 2015 the HSE, supported by the World Bank will be holding the XVI April International Conference on Economic and Social Development. Top political scientists, sociologists and economists, government officials and businessmen will discuss the burning issues we are facing today; should we take the path of international integration, how can we resolve the current economic crisis and where should we look for new drivers of economic growth? Andrei Yakovlev and Fuad Aleskerov told the HSE news website about what novelties and special events the conference has in store.

‘The Future Growth of the World Economy is Critical for Geopolitical Decisions’

The XVI April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development is scheduled to take place from April 7-10, 2015, but plans are already underway among the organizers and participants alike. Recently, Dale Jorgenson, Samuel W. Morris University Professor of Economics at Harvard University, spoke with the HSE news service about his long history of cooperation with HSE. Professor Jorgenson, an internationally recognized expert on information technology and economic growth, among other subjects, shared his expectations for this year’s conference.

The City Is the Most Complex Thing Anyone Has Ever Thought up

Urban studies is a new field of study for Russia that is devoted to the sustainable development and use of city space. As part of the Success Builder project, Egor Korobeynikov, who is the creator of UrbanUrban and an HSE alumnus, talks about how he turned into an urbanist from a bank teller, and also about why Moscow should not be made into Europe and what officials need to be told.

HSE is Broadening its Range of Skills in Big Data Analysis

HSE and Yandex have opened a laboratory for methods of Big Data analysis at the HSE Computer Science Faculty (LAMBDA). The purpose of the new academic research lab is to create a world-class research centre to solve fundamental issues in computer science and develop methods for processing and analysing Big Data.

What the Faculty of Business and Management will be like

The HSE has concluded a process of expanding its faculties. What opportunities has this process opened up for students? How are BA and MA programmes now managed? Will this help ensure decision-making centers are closer to student audiences and scientific laboratories? Here we take the 'big' Business and Management Faculty, which now unites specialists in management, logistics, and business informatics as an example in exploring these issues.

HSE Design Students’ Animation Videos at TEDxMoscow

On the 15th February the 2015 TEDxMoscow conference took place for which second year students at HSE’s School of Design, and their teacher, Animation Curator, Alexei Ryumin had made videos on the key issues under discussion.

Russian President Recognizes Work Done by Sergey Karaganov and Tamara Morshchakova

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an executive order on recognizing almost 200 Russians for their achievements in the workplace, many years of conscientious work, and active role taken in society. Those recognized included several members of the Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights, including Dean of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs Sergey Karaganov and Professor at the Faculty of Law Tamara Morshchakova.

Abnormal Heat Leads to Higher Mortality

For the first time since the 2010 heat wave in Moscow, demographers have estimated the effects of abnormal heat, wildfires and air pollution on morbidity and mortality. Extreme heat in Moscow in the summer of 2010 caused nearly 11,000 additional deaths from diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems and respiratory and kidney conditions, according to a group of researchers including Tatyana Kharkova and Ekaterina Kvasha of the HSE Institute of Demography, members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, MosEconomMonitoring, and Swedish researchers.

Will Tourism Survive in a Changing World?

The international graduate student conference organized by the Master's Programme in Experience Economy, ‘Sustainable Tourism Development in the Changing World’ which took place from February 5-6 at HSE St. Petersburg, was a forum for the discussion of new approaches in researching the tourism and hospitality industries for young researchers from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Arkhangelsk, Petrozavodsk, and South Korea.