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Monday, Dec 1 12:00

Course of Lectures on Methods of Casual Analysis by James Lo

Tuesday, Dec 2 18:15

HSE/NES research seminar on political economy. Topic: 'Dynamic Elections and Ideological Polarization'

Thursday, Dec 4 18:30

Marta Troya Martinez to speak on ‘Delegating Relational Contracts with Corruption

XVI April International Conference on ‘Modernising the Economy and Society

Application to attend the conference: November 12 – March 20 

5th International Winter School 'The State and the Body: Biopower, Biopolitics, and the Political Regime'

Deadline for application: December 3, 2014 

International Graduate Conference ‘Sustainable Tourism Development in the Changing World’ (STEP)

Application deadline: December 10 

HSE PhD Seminar on 'Universalism and Relativism in the Philosophy of Language and Mind': Call for Papers

Deadline for application: December 15, 2014 

EACES-HSE PhD Seminar on 'Comparative Economic Studies: Country and Regional Level': Call for Papers

Deadline for application: December 15, 2014 

FUB-HSE PhD Seminar on 'Formality vs Informality Interaction: Reflection in Institutions and Practices': Call for Papers

Deadline for application: December 15, 2014 

HSE PhD Seminar in Management on 'Contemporary Management Research in Emerging Markets: New Challenges and Perspectives': Call for Papers

Deadline for application: December 15, 2014 

Innovation Information Technologies Conference (I2T-2015), Prague, April 20-24, 2015

Application deadline: February 15 

Polish Ambassador to Russia Gives Lecture at Higher School of Economics

Polish Ambassador to Russia Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz visited Nizhny Novgorod to give a lecture to HSE students. The topic of the lecture was ’25 years of Polish Transformation. Regional Reform as a Means of Success for Changes in Poland.’


of their average monthly income would have to be spent by residents of the Kuril Islands to purchase a plane ticket to Moscow.

Create an Environment for Young Talent with New Business Ideas

The HSE International Institute of Administration and Business held a master-class with Peter Knauer, management advisor for the food manufacturer Mars Inc in Russia. Peter Knauer has more than 20 years experience of working in Central and Eastern Europe and specialises in the chocolate business. He was head of  Cadbury’s in the region and a director for Mars in the CIS. Peter’s presentation was called ‘Innovations in Business: nice to have or must be?’He gave an interview to HSE’s News Service.

22 Years of HSE: A Retrospective

As we celebrate this year’s anniversary of HSE, we will not recall everything that has happened with the university since it was founded; its milestones have been recounted numerous times already. We will instead tell you about the most important things that have happened this year.

Too Much State Involvement and not Enough Investment in the Russian Economy

Speaking at the HSE Banking Institute, Senior Resident Representative of the IMF in Russia, Bikas Joshi described the prospects for the Russian economy.

HSE – 22 Years

The Higher School of Economics will be 22 on November 27. Evgeny Yasin and Alexander Shokhin would like to congratulate the university on this.

Out of Wedlock Does Not Mean Fatherless

The proportion of children born outside of marriage is declining in Russia – not because fewer children are being born out of wedlock, but because more children are being born to married couples. In fact, out-of-wedlock children are not necessarily born to single women as used to happen in Soviet times, but instead, most are born to couples living in unregistered unions, according to Sergey Zakharov, Deputy Director of the HSE's Institute of Demography, and Elena Churilova, Postgraduate Student at the Institute's Department of Demography.

No Demand for Educated Migrants

Russia's labour market has a growing demand for unskilled migrant workers from other CIS countries. Migrants who have worked in managerial or professional positions in their home countries almost always see their status decline once they move to Russia. In contrast, less skilled workers easily find jobs of similar status in Russia, according to Elena Varshavskaya, Professor of the HSE's Department of Human Resources Management, and Mikhail Denisenko, Deputy Director of the HSE's Institute of Demography.

General search for knowledge of self and society

On November 19-20, 2014, HSE hosted the conference ‘Global Governance: Nominal, Real and Alternative Structures’. The conference focused largely on the paradigm shift in geopolitical and geoeconomic structures of the modern world, as well as the underlying causes and long-term implications of such changes. Professor Alan Cafruny of Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, presented a paper at the Conference focused on the crisis of Europe’s economic and monetary union. We talked with Professor Cafruny as he shared his opinion on the union, Germany’s role in NATO, and much more.

Why Russian Firms Need Business Lobbies

Professor William Pyle from Middlebury Collage gave a seminar about research into Russia's business lobby. In 2014, together with Finnish economist Laura Solanko, he received the National Award for Applied Economics, which was established by organizations including the HSE.