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HSE University and the State Hermitage Museum to Collaborate on Joint Educational Projects

On July 24, HSE University Rector Yaroslav Kuzminov and State Hermitage Museum Director Mikhail Piotrovsky officially signed a cooperation agreement. The university and the museum will collaborate on joint educational projects and research.

The signing of the cooperation agreement with the Hermitage represents an important step in the development of the HSE ecosystem, Yaroslav Kuzminov noted at the ceremony in St. Petersburg. ‘HSE – St. Petersburg’s School of Arts and Humanities is developing fast,’ he said. ‘The faculty enjoys great popularity, and we have seen a greater influx of applicants every year.’

HSE is also launching new programmes in the creative arts. The five-year bachelor’s programme in ‘History’ now offers a track in museum business, and the bachelor’s programme in ‘Design’ now offers a track in ‘Environment Design’. Incidentally, HSE’s programme in design is one of the university’s most popular (and competitive) programmes—for every opening the programme receives more than 15 applications.

HSE’s new cooperation agreement with the Hermitage opens new possibilities for students of these programmes. ‘Our task as a university is to provide students with the opportunity to learn from renowned experts. We expect that students and faculty will participate in various projects, primarily with the Youth Centre of the State Hermitage Museum,’ said Yaroslav Kuzminov.

Mikhail Piotrovsky
General Director of the Hermitage

‘The Hermitage does a lot of work with institutions of higher education—we cooperate with universities in St. Petersburg and Moscow, with polytechnic institutes, and universities in Europe. The museum aims to pass the cultural heritage along to subsequent generations. We have different projects which we have already begun to implement – both conferences and youth programmes. The younger generation plays an important role in what we do. We have a wonderful, new, popular project ‘Museum 15/24’. I think that HSE University will be our partner in this new endeavor.’

The agreement includes all HSE campuses. It provides for joint applied and fundamental research projects, conferences, lecture centers, and also the creation of internships and visiting positions for students, graduate students, and faculty of HSE.

This is not the first cooperation agreement HSE has signed with museums. HSE – St. Petersburg has a Joint Department with the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) RAS, and the campus also cooperates with the Russian Museum. Through the agreement, students participate in the development of exhibition concepts and other museum projects.

More than a year ago HSE in Moscow launched a Joint Department with Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. Experts from Garage developed a university-wide minor ‘Contemporary Art: Introduction to its History and Museum Exhibit Practices’. And this year the new Master’s Programme ‘Curatorial Practices in Contemporary Art’ is accepting its first applications.

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‘Business Informatics Gives You Great Freedom in Your Career Choices’

Maria Fay earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Business Informatics from HSE University (2013). Today, she works at SAP and is in charge of innovation projects in Central and Eastern Europe. She recently earned her PhD from the University of Liechtenstein. Maria has talked with the HSE News Service about combining education, work, and research.

University of London and HSE University Offer a Second Degree Programme in Law

Students who have been accepted to the HSE bachelor’s programmes in ‘Law’ and ‘Private Law’ may simultaneously enroll in the second degree programme at the University of London to supplement their basic training. The second degree programme is also open to external students and working professionals.

Anthropological Pirouette

For a long time, it was mainly art and theatre critics who wrote for a wide audience about dance from a spectator’s perspective. Later, philosophers and ethnographers began to study dance from different angles. But only when people with first-hand experience, i.e. dancers, joined in, did dance and movement studies get off to a real start. Irina Sirotkina explains how dance studies evolved in the 20th century.

Online Registration for the HSE International Youth Olympiad-2020 Now Open

International students planning to apply to Bachelor’s programmes at HSE University next year are invited to register for the International Youth Olympiad-2020. The contest will be held in October 2019. The winners and laureates will be eligible for tuition-free studies at HSE University.

HSE Launches Bachelor’s Programme in Chemistry

The HSE Department of Chemistry will begin accepting applications this year for its new Bachelor’s Programme in Chemistry. Programme Director and Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Corresponding Member Andrey Yaroslavtsev explains how the programme will be organised and why HSE is an excellent option for anyone planning to pursue a career in chemistry.

'You Need to Be Able to Quickly Maneuver between and Take on Different Projects'

Makar Stetsenko, an alumnus of the ‘Applied Mathematics and Information Science’ programme (2017), now works at Silicon Valley Insight developing digital products. In a special interview for HSE, he discussed T-shaped people, what it is like to work remotely in the tech sector and the benefits of participating in conferences and workshops.

‘Don’t Be Afraid to Dream and Set New Goals for Yourself’

Every year HSE graduates get accepted to postgraduate schools at the world’s leading universities. Vladislav Semerikov is just now completing his fourth year in the Bachelor’s Programme ‘Economics’, and he has already been accepted to a PhD programme at Pennsylvania State University.

Faculty of Law to Launch New Programmes with University of London

This year, the HSE Faculty of Law is launching new extended programmes in Common Law, for which graduates will receive a degree from the University of London. These programmes are open for first-year students, as well as for other students and professionals.

Art for Auction: The Shape of the Russian Art Market

Currently, the Russian art market is made up of more than 20 auction houses, about 100 major galleries, 9 big private collectors, and over 20 thousand professional artists. Though it shows a lot of promise, it still has yet to come into its own. Researchers of the HSE Centre of Development Institute studied the contemporary mechanisms in place for trading paintings, graphic art, photography and sculpture in Russia, and they published their findings in a paper, ‘The Russian Art Market: 2018’.