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Jul 14, 18:00

Webinar of the Master of Business Analytics programme: 'New Professional Tracks in Finance'

Jul 18 – Aug 20
The Russian Intensive Summer School

Deadline for application - May 20, 2022 

Aug 5 – Aug 21
ICEF Summer Bridge School in Financial Economics 2022

Application deadline: May 31, 2022  

Oct 2 – Oct 3

'Beyond Moscow. Rethinking the International and Transnational Dimensions of the Soviet Republics' Call for Papers. Deadline for proposal submission: January 31, 2022

Deadline for proposal submission: January 31, 2022 

Oct 6 – Oct 7

International conference 'World War II on Trial: The Prosecution of War Criminals and Collaborators in the USSR'

Submission deadline - October 15, 2021 

Fields Laureate Andrey Okounkov on Where to Study Math

Columbus University Professor Andrey Okounkov is the Academic Supervisor of HSE’s International Laboratory of Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics. In an interview with Afisha, he discusses how mathematics education differs in Russia and the U.S., where his insight comes from, and whether it is true that mathematicians are in fact ‘strange individuals.’

Illustration for news: 'In Business, Not Having Optimism Could Be the Death of You'

'In Business, Not Having Optimism Could Be the Death of You'

You don’t have to invent a new business model, but can simply take one and use it on an existing market with a smaller project that will work for the benefit of the Russian economy. This is what HSE alumnus Pavel Mokrushin, the owner of the café chain  Brusnika  (Lingonberry), did. He tells Success Builder why he studied at HSE after Moscow State, as well as how what he does is better than the warm chair of a clerk and how the small café is able to survive among the 66 restaurants on Maroseyka Street.

Illustration for news: ‘Specialists in Other Areas Need to Learn the Language of Urban Studies’

‘Specialists in Other Areas Need to Learn the Language of Urban Studies’

Alexey Novikov has been Dean of the Graduate School of Urban Studies and Planning at HSE since January this year. A PhD in Geography, he was head of Standard & Poor in Moscow and Thomson Reuters, and took over from the first dean of the school, the late Alexander Vysokovsky. Alexey Novikov talked to HSE News Service Editor in Chief Natalia Kogynina about what will become of the school of Urban Studies now, how to resolve urban planning conflicts and why urban planners are like lawyers.

Illustration for news: 'We Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Admit When We Aren’t Yet Capable of Doing Something'

'We Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Admit When We Aren’t Yet Capable of Doing Something'

If you can explain why your project will be a success, investments in your business are guaranteed under any conditions. HSE alumnus and chairman of the board of directors at the 'R-Pharm' group, Alexey Repik, told 'Success Builder' what how to phase out of imports properly, how the government can help entrepreneurs, and how to turn extending people’s lives into a business.

Illustration for news: 'We Directly Applied Our University Knowledge to Business'

'We Directly Applied Our University Knowledge to Business'

Projects rarely become profitable right away, but if one learns from their mistakes and does not give up, success is sure to follow. In its six years of existence, the Timepad project has had its ups and downs, but in the end it became a market leader. Timepad’s creators – Ludmila Pavlova, Daria Ustyuzhanina, and Artem Kiselev, all HSE alumni – told Success Builder about the advantages of the Russian market, how to avoid spending money on advertising, and how to earn over 100 million rubles without selling your idea.

Russia is Heaven for Designers: Here Everything Can Be Rebuilt

On March 21, the HSE’s Art and Design School held a Design Environment open doors day. HSE news service spoke to the curator, Alexander Dzhikia about what students will do, about why designers carry out psychological consultations, and how to unravel the meaning and philosophy of the ‘Black Square’.

Illustration for news: ‘We Are Not Ecologists at All – And That’s a Huge Plus’

‘We Are Not Ecologists at All – And That’s a Huge Plus’

The Recycle project began as an online journal about living an environmentally friendly lifestyle in the city, but in less than a year it went offline into real life. Now its staff members organize recycling collection points, give lectures at large companies and battle the myth that sustainability always has a tinge of craziness. In this edition of ‘Success Builder’, Recycle cofounder Elena Barysheva tells about people’s willingness to change, Wi-Fi enabled recycling centres and inexpensive environmentally friendly products.

Programme which Automatically Creates English Language Exercises Invented by HSE Teacher

April 10th is the closing date for applications for this year’s Fund for Educational Innovation (FOI) competition. Alexei Malafeev, Associate Professor at the Department for Foreign Languages, HSE Nizhny Novgorod, explains how to create an interesting project and put it into practice. His programme for teaching English Exercise Maker won the FOI competition two years ago.

Illustration for news: 'I Create Beautiful Clothing for Beautiful Women'

'I Create Beautiful Clothing for Beautiful Women'

Is it easy being a Russian clothing designer when factories cost, China sews, and discounts on cheap foreign brands can reach 70%? Everything is in authorship. HSE alumna Luda Nukishina tells Success Builder why business must be done in Moscow, how a Russian designer is better than H&M, and how to make things that people will definitely buy.

Illustration for news: 'The City Is the Most Complex Thing Anyone Has Ever Thought up'

'The City Is the Most Complex Thing Anyone Has Ever Thought up'

Urban studies is a new field of study for Russia that is devoted to the sustainable development and use of city space. As part of the Success Builder project, Egor Korobeynikov, who is the creator of UrbanUrban and an HSE alumnus, talks about how he turned into an urbanist from a bank teller, and also about why Moscow should not be made into Europe and what officials need to be told.