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Jan 17, 17:00

Seminar on Diversity and Development 'Agglomeration effects in Russian manufacturing'

Apr 11 – Apr 14
7th LCSR International Workshop

Submission deadline - January 15, 2017 

Jun 1 – Jun 2

International Conference 'Art versus Document: Photography in Modern Russian History'

Deadline for submitting proposals - December 20, 2016 

MIT Professors Discuss Microbiopolitics Through the Lens of American Cheese

On Monday, October 3, two professors of anthropology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – Heather Paxson and Stefan Helmreich – delivered a seminar for students of HSE St. Petersburg Master's programme in Applied and Interdisciplinary History. A presentation by Professor Paxson focused on how the microbiopolitics of cheese making in the U.S. presupposed and promoted industrial methods and standards and how in recent decades interest in producing and consuming artisanally made, raw-milk cheese has risen dramatically.

New Issue of HERB Focuses on Doctoral Studies

The ninth issue of Higher Education in Russia and Beyond, a journal that highlights current educational trends from Russia, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe, has just been published.

IOE Staff Members Spoke on the Right to Education at International Conference

Szymon Jankiewicz, Director of the Center for Applied Legal Research, and Nadezhda Knyaginina, Analyst of the Center, took part in an International Conference, ‘Development of Russian Law-IX: Russian Law and Globalization’,  held on October 6-7, 2016, at the University of Helsinki.

Impact of Economic Crisis on Russian Subsidiaries of Western Multinationals

Despite the economic crisis, Western multinational corporations have been expanding their manufacturing facilities in Russia. Last year, foreign companies launched 63 new subsidiaries in Russia (twice as many as in 2013), and closed no more than ten. This year, they expect to put into operation a few dozen new subsidiaries, according to HSE researchers' study 'Russian Manufacturing Subsidiaries of Western Multinational Corporations: Preliminary Results and Future Prospects.'

Kirill Levinson Receives Merck Translation Award

Kirill Levinson, Associate Professor at the HSE School of History, has received the Merck Translation Award for translating select articles from Reinhart Koselleck's Geschichtliche Grundbegriffe, published in Russian by the New Literary Observer in 2014 under the title ‘Dictionary of Basic Historical Concepts’.

Monthly Public Administration Discussion to Focus on a Stress Test for Public Finances

On October 10, the HSE School of Public Administration hosted its monthly discussion series. This month’s event is entitled ‘Stress Test for Public Finances – Policy-Responses to the Financial and Economic Crisis in the OECD’ and was led by Prof. Dr. Uwe Wagschal of the University of Freiburg (Germany). Professor Wagschal's talk focused on the consequences of massive monetary and fiscal stimulus for the public purse and will compare the fiscal packages in 28 OECD-countries aimed at combating an economic downturn following the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008.

Why Economic Forecasters Fail

The human factor, a reluctance to scare investors and the absence of tangible rewards for predicting recessions are some of the reasons why professional forecasters sometimes fail to signal economic downturns. In their study, Sergey Smirnov and Daria Avdeeva found evidence indicating that professional forecasters tend to hold on to optimistic scenarios for too long.

HSE Semantics & Pragmatics Workshop

On September 30 - October 1, 2016,  an international Semantics & Pragmatics Workshop was held at HSE. The event was organized by the School of Linguistics, the School of Philosophy and the Formal Philosophy Research Group.

How Children Affect Mother's Career

Mothers of three or more children are four times as likely to be unemployed compared to mothers of one or two children, according to Alina Pishnyak's study 'Employment opportunities and constraints for women in Moscow.'

Ensuring Clean Water Is the Only ‘Water Issue’ That Can Be Currently Solved

According to participants in the recent BRICS Water Forum, out of all of the global challenges in regards to water resource management through the use of technological breakthroughs, only keeping water clean can be guaranteed at the moment.