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HSE Summer University 2020 to Be Held Online

HSE Summer University 2020 to Be Held Online

© HSE University

HSE Summer University will begin on July 15 this year. All courses will be taught online via Zoom. The registration deadline has been extended until July 1, 2020.

HSE Summer University offers students from all over the world a unique opportunity to take courses across a variety of disciplines, including Russian as a Foreign Language, Politics and International Relations, Economics, and more. Students can earn ECTS credits, learn more about the culture, economics, and politics of Russia, and study in a multicultural environment.

Ivan Prostakov, HSE Vice Rector

At HSE University, like in many other universities in the Northern Hemisphere, the academic year is coming to a close. It has turned out to be a difficult and unusual time for all of us but we have proved that the best academic traditions of universities remain unchanged, including the desire to open new horizons in research and study, to take advantage of new opportunities in a changing world, and to seek new partners and like-minded people in other countries.

As in previous years, you will find a rich programme of courses taught by HSE University’s best instructors. Yes, this year we are conducting Summer University online, but this only means that we will all get an unusual and useful experience on top of new knowledge and communication in a multicultural environment. We are certain that HSE Summer University online will not only help us overcome current difficulties, but also provide everyone with the opportunity to meet and get to know each other offline in the very near future.

The list of all of the University’s course offerings for Summer 2020 is available here. The timetable will be finalized in July, after the registration period closes. Сlasses will be scheduled to accommodate students from different time zones.

According to Oksana Chernenko, Director of the Summer University programme, the courses will be worth the same number of ECTS credits as in previous years. However, the duration of each course may change depending on the composition of the group and the demands of online learning. ‘With remote teaching, It is impossible to schedule two 90 minute classes back-to-back—it simply won’t be productive—so we are thinking of breaking up the courses into shorter sessions, more suited for an online format. What’s more, if a course attracts students from different time zones, we will have to take that into account.’

Students wishing to take the ‘Russian as a Foreign Language’ course will be tested and divided into groups based on their levels of language proficiency. HSE Russian language instructors already have experience teaching online since the HSE International Preparatory Programmes, where Russian as a Foreign Language is taught, transitioned to remote instruction this March.

In addition to an extensive academic programme, Summer University students will be able to join informal social gatherings on Zoom.  Last year, students of the HSE School of Foreign Languages prepared a series of games and Moscow tours as part of orientation sessions for arriving international students. This year, Russian culture and history quiz games will be held online and everyone will have a chance to participate.

Upon completion of Summer University coursework, participants will receive an official HSE certificate of participation.

Professor Fuad Aleskerov, Faculty of Economic Sciences

Course: ‘Advances in Decision Making Theory and Applications’

There will be no changes made to the topics covered in this course.  The course presents the core concepts of rational and efficient individual and social decisions, including political decisions.  We make decisions every day and every hour: which summer school to choose, what shirt to buy, where to go on vacation. During the course, we will look at various aspects of decision making, aggregation and applied decision-making models, political decision making, including voting manipulation, and organizational power distribution.

Due to the present circumstances, I will give lectures online on Zoom. All materials (including the presentations, articles, and necessary references) will be distributed to students after each lecture. We are going to hold additional consultation sessions for students after each lecture if necessary. We will discuss many real-life problems during the online sessions, and students will get similar problems as home assignments.

Professor Iliya Kiriya, Faculty of Communications, Media, and Design

Course: ‘Fake News, Post-Truth and Digital Media: the Relationship between Media and Politics  

Since my course deals with fake news and touches upon populism in media culture, this year I decided to use a wide range of examples from the coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the pandemic has laid bare the ways in which fake news spreads. We have witnessed mass panic caused, among other things, by false news and rumors spreading virally on social media. That is, the virus has made the viral distribution of news even more potent. On the other hand, the pandemic has become good training grounds for strengthening the power of populist politicians by allowing them to quickly demonstrate their efforts to curb the spread of the disease in their regions.

We will analyze the situation from the perspective of media effect theories and the connection of media, politics, and popular culture. As the Summer University will be held online, we plan to prepare various kinds of interactive activities (quizzes, examples, and cases) so that the online lectures are engaging. At the end of the course, students will need to develop their own fake news, along with a dissemination strategy, and then neutralize it.

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‘I Have Always Respected the University’s Comprehensiveness and Inclusiveness’

Throughout July, students of the HSE International Summer University are studying Russian History and Behavioural Economics. The courses are taking place in an online format—something that seemed unthinkable for a summer programme before the COVID-19 pandemic. Recent years have shown that online learning is a unique opportunity for students from all over the world to study with leading HSE University professors from the comfort of their own homes.

HSE International Summer University to Offer Lectures in Partnership with Pompeu Fabra University

As a part of long-standing cooperation between HSE University and the Pompeu Fabra University, this summer, International Summer University  in collaboration with Barcelona International Summer School (BISS) will organize a series of open lectures for participants of both summer programmes. Some of HSE Summer University courses are still open for registration.

Summer University to Be Held Online Second Year in a Row

International students from all over the world can enroll in HSE University’s summer programme, choosing from a wide range of courses that will be delivered via Zoom from June 20 till August 20, 2021. This year, Summer University is offering new courses, tuition fee discounts, and networking opportunities. Application deadline is May 20, 2021.

‘I Really Enjoyed This Summer School Experience’

The HSE International Summer University completed its 2020 session on August 20. Due to the pandemic, the programme was held online for the first time. Students from all over the world met on Zoom to study Russian language as well as take a variety of subject specific courses and participate in informal activities.

‘I Am Glad That I Made the Decision to Be at Summer University’

HSE Summer University, which has moved its classes online this year due to the pandemic, began on July 15. The programme will run until August 20, with students taking courses of various duration.

Changes to HSE Summer University Dates

The coronavirus is strong, but together we are stronger. Let’s take care and stay safe, so that we can all soon embrace each other again. Due to recent travel and visa restrictions, as well as in the interest of students' health, the 2020 HSE Summer University session dates have been changed. Programme sessions will now begin on July 15 and conclude on August 20.

From Vladivostok to Philadelphia: Who Studied at HSE University This Summer

In early August, this year’s HSE Summer University comes to a close. For the first time, the school welcomed a group of Russian students from Far Eastern Federal University.

HSE International Summer University in Full Swing

Every summer, HSE’s International Summer University attracts students, graduate students, post-docs, and professionals from around the world who wish to spend several weeks in Moscow to deepen their knowledge in a variety of fields. With the programme entering its second month, HSE News Service sat down with several students to talk about their impressions of it so far.

HSE Welcomes Students to International Summer University 2019

On June 24, HSE University held an opening ceremony for its International Summer University. Newly arrived students from 32 countries around the globe including Germany, the US, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and others were welcomed by First Vice Rector Vadim Radaev and Vice Rector Ivan Prostakov.