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HSE International Summer University to Offer Lectures in Partnership with Pompeu Fabra University

HSE International Summer University to Offer Lectures in Partnership with Pompeu Fabra University

Source: Pompeu Fabra University

As a part of long-standing cooperation between HSE University and the Pompeu Fabra University, this summer, International Summer University  in collaboration with Barcelona International Summer School (BISS) will organize a series of open lectures for participants of both summer programmes. Some of HSE Summer University courses are still open for registration.

Oksana Chernenko, Director for Innovations in Education, Director of International Summer University Programme

This new initiative of two summer programmes, International Summer University and the Barcelona International Summer School, actively implements an interdisciplinary approach, allowing participants to get acquainted with different points of view of leading experts on the issues that interest them.

The idea of holding joint courses appeared a while ago. Yet only now could it become the reality thanks to the new online format. Modern online educational platforms have provided an opportunity to go beyond the boundaries of summer courses’ classrooms in Moscow and Barcelona.

HSE Summer University professors were asked to choose a course of Barcelona International Summer School which they would like to participate in. Despite significant differences in the topics of the courses, HSE teachers have found interesting areas for cooperation with colleagues from UPF.

Professor Ilya Kiriya will give a guest lecture ‘Fake news in digital age: the problem of populism and complexification of politics’ as part of the BISS course "Brexit, EU and Global World: Current Challenges in European Politics and Society".  The lecture will focus on the radicalization of political camps closely associated with rise of the new mass self-communication and digital personal media.

Professor Nadezhda Shilova's guest lecture during the BISS course "Time: Human Views on the Progress of Existence" will focus on economists’ thinking regarding time. Professor Shilova will talk about how people make choices and how time affects this process. 

Pompeu Fabra University professors Andrea Noferini and Jordi i Garcia-Ojalvo will take part in two courses of HSE Summer University. Professor Andrea Noferini will give a lecture at the HSE Summer University course "Fake news, post-truth and digital media: Inquiry in relationship between media and politics". During the lecture, he will talk about populism in the EU and how it is affecting the process of European integration.

Professor Jordi i Garcia-Ojalvo will speak about the brain rhythms and human decision-making as part of the Behavioral Economics course. He will provide insight into the basic concepts of systems neuroscience that underlie human decisions, and talk about formal models of perceptual decision-making that enable us to identify and distinguish the biological correlates of both perceptual and cognitive biases.

Nadezhda Shilova, Associate Professor at the Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism

As a person who teaches experimental skills, I'm really glad to be a part of the experiment that would, I hope, become our every summer routine. This year Professor Garcia-Ojalvo and me are introducing very special courses, where we combine methods and views from different sciences. 

My course on Behavioral economics explains how people really feel the real world, how they think about it. The course will surely benefit from a lecture on the mechanics of the process, and I'm very excited to give the floor to Professor Garcia-Ojalvo, who is a specialist in this topic.

As for the course of Professor Garcia-Ojalvo, I hope my lecture on how economists THINK they think, will also give students more understanding on the analysis of the reality made by humans, especially what are the axioms and what is the logic that we have behind it.

Register for Nadezhda Shilova’s course in Behavioural Economics

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HSE University Creates the Viral Genealogy Simulator to Model the Spread of COVID-19

Researchers of HSE Tikhonov Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM), in cooperation with their colleagues from the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC), and The European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), have developed software to model the spread of the COVID-19 global pandemic. This is the world’s fastest Viral Genealogy Simulator (VGsim). For more details about this scalable simulator, read the reprint on medRxiv. The code is freely available at GitHub.

HSE University Cohosts Virtual THE Young Universities Summit

Several representatives of HSE University took part in the seventh Times Higher Education Young Universities Summit, organized jointly with HSE University on June 22-23 and held entirely online. The Summit focused on the global outlook for higher education and opportunities for new growth for young universities.

Researchers Outline Specific Patterns in Reading in Russian

Psycholinguists from the HSE Center for Language and Brain, in collaboration with researchers from the City University of New York and the University of Stuttgart, investigated how reading in Russian varies among different groups of readers. The authors used a novel method in bilingualism research — comparison of the eye-movement sequences (scanpaths) in adult native speakers of Russian, Russian-speaking children, and adult bilinguals with different levels of Russian proficiency. The results of the study were published in Reading Research Quarterly.

Virtual THE Young Universities Summit Opens on June 22

Phil Baty, Chief Knowledge Officer of Times Higher Education, and Yaroslav Kuzminov, HSE University Rector, delivered opening remarks.

Times Higher Education Young Universities Summit to Take Place in Partnership with a Russian University for the First Time

From June 22-23, the virtual Times Higher Education Young Universities Summit, jointly organized with HSE University, will take place. This marks the first time that the summit will be conducted with support from a Russian university. The choice of HSE is no coincidence: it is the only Russian university in the Top 50 of THE Young University Ranking.

HSE University Researchers Co-Author 2021 UNESCO Science Report

On Friday, June 11, UNESCO held a ceremony to launch its new UNESCO Science Report, which arrives at a crucial moment as countries reach the halfway mark of meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. The Report shows that, over the past five years, countries of all income levels have begun efforts to transition to economies that are both digital and green. At the ceremony, six of the Report’s authors provided overviews of trends in their regions. Representing the East European region was Professor Leonid Gokhberg, First Vice Rector of the HSE University and Director of the HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK).

Cutting Edge Neuroscience Research to Be Discussed during Online Conference at HSE University

The first International Conference on Social Neurology in Environmentally Sound Conditions, organized by the International Laboratory of Social Neurobiology of the Institute of Cognitive Neurosciences and Aalto University will be held online on June 21-23, 2021. The HSE News Service spoke with conference organisers and some of the key speakers in the run-up to the conference about its agenda and some research highlights.

Regional Competitiveness Practices to Be Discussed at the TCI Global Conference 2021

On September 15-17, 2021, Kazan will host the 24th TCI Global Conference, one of the main international events in the field of regional competitiveness and cluster development. The conference will be held in cooperation with HSE University.

First Season of HSE Business Talk Successfully Completed

The online project 'Inspired by Your Bright Future: HSE Business Talk' was created for participants from all over the world as a platform for public discussions. From the end of November till the end of May, industry experts and HSE professors held twelve webinars to discuss different areas, from logistics and marketing, business in China and Arabic countries, climate change, to entrepreneurship, finance, and new technologies. The project brought together more than 3,000 participants from over 115 countries.

International Advisory Committee Meeting Focuses on HSE University’s Third Mission

On May 31, International Advisory Committee met online to discuss HSE University’s third mission, its implementation and place in the university strategy. The meeting focused on HSE University’s volunteering and social initiatives, cooperation with non-profits, community engagement, students’ field research trips around Russia, and HSE Business Incubator.