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ORCID: 0000-0003-3667-7550
ResearcherID: P-7973-2018
Scopus AuthorID: 57189497921
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Boris Rudnik

3 October 1948 — 28 April 2019

Academic Titles

Senior Research Fellow











Article Волков А., Кузьминов Я. И., Ромаренко И., Рудник Б. Л., Фрумин И. Д. Использование информационных и коммуникационных технологий в образовании. Статистический обзор // Вопросы образования. 2010. № 3. С. 152-194.




Chapter Осовецкая Н. Я., Рудник Б. Л. Новые организационно-правовые формы в сфере образования // В кн.: VIII Международная научная конференция. Модернизация экономики и общественное развитие: В 3 кн. / Отв. ред.: Е. Г. Ясин. Кн. 1. М. : Издательский дом ГУ-ВШЭ, 2007. С. 439-447.



Book Рожков И. А., Абанкина Т. В., Вавилов А. И., Андрюхина Э. П., Рудник Б. Л. Правовые проблемы модернизации образования. М. : Издательский дом ГУ-ВШЭ, 2002.

Editorial board membership

2011: Member of the Editorial Board, Вопросы государственного и муниципального управления.

HSE Staff Members Receive University Awards

On November 30 HSE staff members were awarded honor awards of the university at the meeting of the Academic Council.

23 Academics from HSE Appointed to the Government Expert Council

The new makeup of the Expert Council to the Russian government has been confirmed. It includes 366 members, 23 of whom are HSE staff.

The Capital’s Open Budget: Initiation and Prospects

A round table was held on 1 June at the Higher School of Economics, devoted to Moscow’s Open Budget. Officials, experts and representatives of public organisations all gathered to discuss problems of information openness.
Opening the round table, director of the HSE’s Institute for Public and Municipal Management Andrey KLIMENKO remarked that, in economic terms, the budget performs a critical information function and market agents can and should make rational decisions, relying on budget data. If they do not have enough of this information, they will find it hard to determine their policy and the way they should conduct themselves on the market, especially when making long-term or medium-term plans. In this respect, an open budget is important because it reflects the key parameters and the key preferences of the authorities and business may ‘tune its conduct in line with the expenditure outlines that the government specifies for itself.’

Medvedev Rewards Strategy 2020 Experts

The Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, has awarded honours to some researchers from the Higher School of Economics for their work on the Strategy 2020 expert groups, including organization of the groups, the preparation of suggestions on topical issues for Russian socio-economic strategy up to 2020 and their personal input into the expert and analytical work