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Medvedev Rewards Strategy 2020 Experts

In January 2011, following a decree from Vladimir Putin, expert groups for preparing recommendations on topical issues for Russian socio-economic strategy up to 2020 were created. These groups have brought together over 1000 experts, and in addition to this, another 400 experts from Russian regions are participating in this work. Such a scale of expert participation in a governmental programme is unprecedented in global economic policy.  All the leading Russian experts declined to accept remuneration for their participation in this work, regarding it as their civil duty.

In recognition of this work, The Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, has awarded honours to some researchers from the Higher School of Economics for their work on these expert groups, including organization of the groups, the preparation of suggestions on topical issues for Russian socio-economic strategy up to 2020 and their personal input into the expert and analytical work:

Order ‘Merit to the Fatherland’, 4th Class

Lev Yakobson, First Vice Rector of the National Research University Higher School of Economics

Order of Honour

Mikhail Blinkin, Director of the HSE Institute for Transport Economics and Transport Policy Studies

Tatiana Maleva, Director of the Independent Institute of Social Policy, Professor at the HSE Department of Economic Sociology

Sergey Shihkin, Academic Supervisor at the HSE Institute for Health Economics

Andrey Yakovlev, Director of the HSE Institute for Industrial and Market Studies

Order of Friendship

Vladimir Gimpelson, Director of the Centre for Labour Market Studies

Isak Froumin, Academic Supervisor of the HSE Institute for Educational Studies

Alexander Shamrin, First Vice Rector of the HSE

Medal of the Order ‘Merit to the Fatherland’, 2nd Class

Grigory Androuschak, Head of the Laboratory for Analysis and Modeling of Institutional Dynamics at the HSE Center for Institutional Studies

Mikhail Denisenko, Head of the HSE Department of Demography

Andrey Zhulin, Director for Expert Analytical Work at the HSE

Polina Kozyreva, First Deputy Director at the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the HSE Center for Longitude Studies

Boris Rudnik, Vice Rector at the HSE


As part of the same decree, the President awarded Leonid Gokhberg and Vadim Radaev, First Vice Rectors of the HSE, with the honorary title of ‘Honoured worker of science of the Russian Federation’ for their achievements in the development of science.

Our sincere congratulations to our colleagues with this recognition for their work!

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Oleg Budnitskii, Natalia Zubarevich, Mikhail Fedotov, Receive Yegor Gaidar Awards

The winners of the Yegor Gaidar Foundation were announced on November 17, and HSE staff were among those recognized in three nominations.

Anatoly Vishnevsky Wins Gaidar Prize

Director of the Institute of Demography, HSE, Tenured Professor Anatoly Vishnevsky was singled out for his outstanding contribution to Russian economic thought. The prize giving ceremony was in Moscow on 12th November.

'The Most Important Thing during a Time of Crisis is to Give People an Opportunity to Learn'

In an interview with RBC, Yaroslav Kuzminov, Rector of the Higher School of Economics, speaks about the problems facing Russia’s economy, the Strategy 2020, the status of higher education and about the areas worth developing.

HSE Recognized by Heiskell Award for Internationalizing the Campus

On March 20, the ceremony for the Andrew Heiskell Award for innovation in international education took place in New York. The Higher School of Economics became the first Russian university to receive an honorable mention.

ICEF Director Sergey Yakovlev Awarded Honorary Degree by University of London

During London Graduation Ceremony, which took place on March 11th at the University of London, ICEF Director Sergey Yakovlev was awarded honorary degree of Doctor of Science (Economics), honoris causa, for the contribution to development of higher economic education and ICEF academic achievements.

HSE's Laboratory for Anti-сorruption Policy among Top Think Tanks

HSE’s Laboratory for Anti-сorruption Policy placed 28th in a global ranking of analytical centres that work with the quality of public administration.

HSE Recognized by IIE Heiskell Awards for 'Internationalizing the Campus'

The Higher School of Economics was recognized by the Institute of International Education (IIE) for its internationalization initiatives and given honorable mention for the Andrew Heiskell Award for Internationalizing the Campus. HSE is the first Russian university to be named in the 14-year history of the awards.

HSE Tenured Professor Oleg Voskoboynikov Has Won the Prix Maurice Wachsmacher

Associate Professor at the Department of Social History Oleg Voskoboynikov has won the Humanities Prize 2014 for his translation into Russian of French art historian Roland Recht’s Le croire et le voir: L'art des cathédrales, XIIe-XVe siècle (Believing and Seeing, The Art of Gothic Cathedrals) in a volume published by the HSE Publishing House. The prize was awarded by the French Ambassador to Russia, Jean-Maurice Ripert who signed a certificate at the ceremony for the winner to travel to France.

Golden HSE -2014 Award Winners Announced

On December 1, HSE celebrated another anniversary and, according to tradition, awarded the best teachers, researchers, administrative staff, and students with the Golden HSE prize.

HSE Alumnus Named Russia’s Entrepreneur of the Year

Alexei Repik, who received his bachelor’s degree from HSE’s Faculty of Economics, was named the winner of the Russia nomination in the international competition Entrepreneur of the Year 2014. Repik is the President of Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia) and the Chairman of the board of directors at the R-Pharm group.