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Language Proficiency
+7 (495) 531-00-00
+7 (495) 628-48-86
Address: 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, Pokrovka Complex, room G315
SPIN-RSCI: 2142-2173
ORCID: 0000-0003-0152-1396
ResearcherID: F-8501-2014
Scopus AuthorID: 57198420405
Google Scholar
Tue.: 3.00 - 7.30 p.m. (at the Faculty of Sociology)
N. Anisimov
E. Artyukhova (teaching staff development)
E. B. German (international recruitment)
M. Rozhkov (continuing education; HSE journals)
G. Mozhaeva
A. S. Malin
L. G. Lakhtikova
M. Rylskaya
D. Bulycheva
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Vadim Radaev

  • Member of the HSE Academic Council
  • Vadim Radaev has been at HSE University since 1999.


1. Vadim Radaev coordinates the following areas and activities at HSE:

  • HSE’s educational activities, with the exception of continuing education programmes (admissions;  implementation of key educational programmes; career guidance and education of gifted students; organization of competitions);
  • Licensing and accreditation;
  • External evaluation of teaching and learning at HSE;
  • Academic and extracurricular work with students, work with student-run organizations and the student ombudsman, alumni relations;
  • HSE’s international affairs, international recruitment of teachers and researchers;
  • HSE publishing activities, including those of HSE mass media;
  • Library and information services for HSE students and staff;
  • HR policy development with regard to HSE research and teaching staff;
  • Improvement of teaching.

2. His responsibilities include:

2.1. Coordinating the activities of the following executives:

2.2. Coordinating the activities of the following HSE departments:

2.3. Coordinating:

2.4. Supervising the system of strategic academic units as part of HSE’s Strategic Development Programme to increase the University’s global competitiveness.

2.5. Coordinating the activities aimed at improving the quality of teaching at HSE, organizing the Best Teacher competition, and organizing student assessment of teaching.

Education, Degrees and Academic Titles

  • 2003
  • 1998

    Doctor of Sciences* in Economic Theory

  • 1986

    Candidate of Sciences* (PhD) in Economic Theory

  • 1983

    Degree in Economics
    Lomonosov Moscow State University

* Candidate of Sciences
According to the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) 2011, Candidate of Sciences belongs to ISCED level 8 - "doctoral or equivalent", together with PhD, DPhil, D.Lit, D.Sc, LL.D, Doctorate or similar. Candidate of Sciences allows its holders to reach the level of the Associate Professor.
* Doctor of Sciences
A post-doctoral degree called Doctor of Sciences is given to reflect second advanced research qualifications or higher doctorates in ISCED 2011.

Awards and Accomplishments

Best Teacher – 2023, 2022, 2021, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011

Courses (2023/2024)

Courses (2022/2023)

Courses (2021/2022)

Courses (2020/2021)

Courses (2019/2020)

Editorial board membership

  • 2015: Member of the Editorial Board, Russian Journal of Economics.

  • 2011: Member of the Editorial Board, Corvinus Journal of Sociology and Social Policy.

  • 2010: Member of the Editorial Board, Журнал Новой экономической ассоциации (The Journal of the New Economic Association).

  • 2005: Member of the Editorial Board, British Journal of Sociology.

  • 2000: Editor-in-chief, Экономическая социология (Journal of Economic Sociology).

  • 1997: Member of the Editorial Board, Вопросы экономики (Voprosy Ekonomiki).

  • 1994: Member of the Editorial Board, Мир России: Социология, этнология.




Article Radaev V., Roshchina Y. Decline in alcohol consumption in Russia: Collectivity or polarisation? // Drug and Alcohol Review. 2021. Vol. 40. No. 3. P. 481-488. doi


Article Radaev V., Roshchina Y., Salnikova D. The Decline in Alcohol Consumption in Russia from 2006 to 2017: Do Birth Cohorts Matter? // Alcohol and Alcoholism. 2020. Vol. 55. No. 3. P. 323-335. doi



Article Radaev V. A rise of state activism in a competitive industry: The case of Russian retail trade law of 2009 // Communist and Post-Communist Studies. 2018. Vol. 51. No. 1. P. 27-37. doi





Chapter Radaev V. The Re-emergence of Sociology in Russia, in: Routledge Handbook of European Sociology. L., NY : Routledge, 2014. P. 426-440.



Article Barsukova S., Radaev V. Informal Economy in Russia: A Brief Overview // Economic sociology - The European electronic newsletter. 2012. Vol. 13. No. 2. P. 4-12.


Article Radaev V. How Managers Establish Their Authority at the Russian Industrial Enterprise: A Typology and Empirical Evidence // The Journal of Comparative Economic Studies. 2009. Vol. 5. P. 101-124.







Timetable for today

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'Those Who Choose Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, or Governance Today Cannot Do without IT'

HSE Faculty of Social Sciences celebrates its tenth anniversary

‘There Are Many Directions in Which We Can Develop Our Relations with Iran’

On February 12, an official signing ceremony was held for an agreement on the free transfer of literature published by the Organisation for Researching and Composing University Textbooks in the Islamic Sciences and the Humanities under the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran (SAMT) to HSE University. The event took place in the HSE University library on Pokrovsky Bulvar.

‘The Competition Lets Students Feel Like Scientists’

On February 5, 2024, the award ceremony for the winners and laureates of the Student Research Paper Competition (SRPS) 2023 took place. The competition received 1,730 papers in 25 categories from university students across Russia.

HSE Accepting Applications for Competition of Best Russian-language Scientific and Popular Science Papers

Applications for the fourth HSE University Competition of the Best Russian-language Scientific and Popular Science Papers will be accepted from February 1 to March 15. The authors that receive the highest scores from the expert jury will be awarded on June 6—Russian Language Day. The main goal of the competition is to support and promote Russian language as a language of science, as well as to popularise works affiliated with HSE University among the global Russian-speaking audience.

The Perfect Trap: How the Relationship between Humans and AI Is Transforming

Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming an integral part of our life. We are now so used to its help and services that we get completely lost when we can’t connect to the internet. Could a person fall in love with AI? What will its humanisation lead to? These and other questions were discussed at this year’s LSES Christmas movie seminar, which was dedicated to Spike Jonze's film Her.

HSE University Hosts Educational Forum of the Greater Eurasian Partnership

The forum was held as part of HSE University’s International Partners' Week, which coincides with Russia’s chairship of the EAEU and is aimed at connecting the strategies and initiatives of its participants in the fields of education, science, and technology. The forum was attended by representatives from 23 countries and more than 40 scientific and educational organisations. Read on to learn more about the opening ceremony and the first two plenary sessions.

International Partners’ Week 2023 Begins at HSE University-Moscow

Representatives of 23 countries have gathered in Moscow for International Partners’ Week at HSE University. The participants will discuss pressing issues related to cooperation, sign agreements on research and student exchanges, and take part in the Educational Forum of the Greater Eurasian Partnership, which is being held as part of Russia’s chairship of the EAEU.

Student Research Paper Competition 2023 Begins

On September 1st, a new season of the open Student Research Paper Competition (SRPC) started. This competition is aimed at developing the potential of university students who are interested in academic activities. Students, as well as 2023 graduates of Russian and foreign universities, can submit their papers for the competition until October 15th, 2023. This year SRPC turns 20 years old, throughout the competition’s history, Vadim Radaev, HSE University’s First Vice Rector, has been the chair of the organising committee. In today’s interview, he talks about the history of the competition and the key stages in its development.

ICEF Celebrates the 2023 Graduation Ceremony

ICEF’s 2023 graduation ceremony was held in HSE Cultural Centre and celebrated the graduation of the 23rd class of bachelor’s and the 15th class of master’s students. The two classes were awarded their degrees and delivered graduation speeches before an audience of ICEF faculty, HSE leaders, staff, and families.

Academic Council: HSE University’s Contribution to Achieving National Goals and Development Priorities to Increase

HSE University’s Development Programme until 2030 will be improved in order to increase the university’s contribution to achieving national goals and implementing the priorities of the country’s scientific and technological development. This decision was made by the university’s Academic Council on April 26. The meeting also addressed the principles for the development of HSE University’s external communications, one of which is the creation of a high-quality information field around the university.

Development of Faculty of Creative Industries Discussed at HSE Academic Council Meeting

On March 1, the HSE University Academic Council held a meeting at the building on Pokrovsky Bulvar. The main focus of the meeting was the development of the Faculty of Creative Industries. A secret ballot was also held for the competition to fill faculty positions.

‘If We Aren’t Immersed in Research from a Young Age, It Is Harder to Catch Up’

On February 1, the HSE Cultural Centre hosted an award ceremony for the winners and laureates of the 2022 Student Research Paper Competition. Participants included students and graduates of HSE University and other universities. The ceremony closed with a ‘Science Battles’ event.

Nauka 0+: The Kind of Science Society Needs

From the rise of platform capitalism to somatisation—this is the scope of the topics discussed at ‘Society’, a thematic platform of the NAUKA 0+ All-Russian Science Festival held by HSE University in October. In addition, experts discussed the timely issue of science popularisation.

Incompatible Alternatives: HSE Researchers on the Ambivalence of Power in the Twenty-first Century Economy

Ambivalence and a combination of contradictory principles are vividly manifested in the actions of government, its individual agents and institutions, as well as the everyday practices of economic subjects and citizens. The participants of the HSE Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology seminar discussed the book The Ambivalence of Power in the Twenty-First Century Economy: Cases from Russia and Beyond, recently published in the UK. Prepared by researchers from HSE University and foreign universities, the book focuses on the study of ambivalence in Russia and beyond.

From Chelyabinsk to Krasnodar: 56 Postdocs From Across Russia Join HSE University This Year

A total of 56 early-career researchers will join HSE University in Moscow and St Petersburg in the 2022/2023 academic year as part of the university’s Russian Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme. Some are participating in the programme for the first time, while others are returning for their second year. HSE University in Moscow has welcomed 29 new researchers to its departments.

HSE University Launches Its Own Independent English Exam

The exam has been developed by the HSE School of Foreign Languages in compliance with all relevant international standards. On May 13, the Independent English Language Examination Centre opened in the HSE University building on Staraya Basmannaya Ulitsa, and the first students took the exam on May 16. In the future, the opportunity to take an independent assessment at the Centre is expected to be available not only to HSE students, but also to students from other universities, schoolteachers, and corporate clients.

Submarine and French Confectioner's Shop—Winners of the Top Class Research Competition Announced

This year’s final stage of Top Class, the All-Russian Competition of Schoolchildren’s Research and Projects, held by HSE University, has come to a close. About a thousand 8th—11th graders from 7 countries and 69 regions of Russia participated in the contest. The winners and runners-up were announced at the closing ceremony in the HSE Cultural Centre. They received special prizes from partner companies.

Discussing ‘The Chair’ in the Context of Contemporary University Problems

At the end of December 2021, the Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology (LSES) at HSE University held its traditional Christmas Cinema Seminar entitled ‘Where are universities going?’ Participants discussed ‘The Chair’, a TV series created by David Benioff and Daniel Brett Weiss, authors of ‘Game of Thrones’. 2021 marked the 20th anniversary of the Christmas seminar, which LSES has held to discuss hot-button issues after watching famous Russian and foreign films.

IAC Welcomes New Members and Discusses HSE University Development

On December 1, key areas of HSE University’s recently adopted strategy were presented at the extended meeting of the International Advisory Committee. Outgoing and new members of IAC learnt more about the University’s initiatives in human capital and AI research, as well as about its plans to build a Master’s Engineering School.

HSE and Peking University Strengthen Scientific and Educational Ties in Mathematics

HSE University has signed a student exchange agreement with Peking University, one of China’s biggest and oldest universities. The signing took place on November 26 as part of the closing ceremony of the China-Russia Year of Scientific and Technological Innovation.

HSE University Researchers Investigate Why Many Russians Oppose Vaccination

Despite the risks associated with COVID-19 infection, many Russians either refuse to get vaccinated or are uncertain and hesitant about the practice. The factors behind these views are the subject of research by Yana Roshchina, Leading Research Fellow of the HSE University Centre for Longitudinal Studies and Senior Research Fellow of the Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology (LSES); Sergey Roshchin, Head of the Laboratory for Labour Market Studies (LLMS) and HSE University Vice Rector; and Ksenia Rozhkova, Junior Research Fellow at LLMS. The results of the study were presented at an LSES seminar.

‘Teachers’ Day 2021 Inspires to Search for New Solutions’

A two-day seminar called ‘Teaching and Studying in the Time of Digital Transformation—Modern Approaches and Practices’ was held on Teachers’ Day 2021 as part of the Teach for HSE project. Speakers and participants shared ideas and insights that had emerged during the recent period of remote and hybrid teaching, discussing issues of digital etiquette, psychological aspects of online teaching, and new trajectories and opportunities for teachers’ professional growth.

‘A Rector’s Mission Is to Act in the Interests of Students, Teachers, and Academics’

Nikita Anisimov was appointed Rector of HSE University early this July. In his address to HSE students and staff, he talks about his first working week, his short- and long-term plans, and the university’s vaccination efforts.

Nikita Anisimov Appointed Acting Rector of HSE University

On July 2, Mr Anisimov was introduced to the HSE Academic Council at its meeting at HSE campus in Pokrovka. Valery Falkov, Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Yaroslav Kuzminov, HSE University Academic Supervisor, and HSE University President Alexander Shokhin took part in the meeting.

Joint Department with the Bank of Russia Opens at HSE University

The Bank of Russia and HSE University have agreed to establish a joint department. The decision was approved by HSE Academic Council. Ksenia Yudaeva, First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia, was appointed Head of the Department.

‘We Are Competing for the Best Scholars and We Don’t Want Our New Colleagues to Rest on Their Heels’

At the meeting of the Rector’s Council on June 23, seven issues were considered, including the vaccination of staff and students, postgraduate and dissertation councils, the development of a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme at the University, and the HSE library. Members of the Rector’s Council additionally discussed the regulations on the organisation of training concerning MicroDegree-granting programmes.

HSE University to Take Action on Grade Inflation

HSE University’s administration is determined to prevent the lowering of grading standards for students’ academic performance. Teachers will be receiving new grading guidelines in the next two weeks. The proposed grading criteria will become mandatory for all courses. Other measures are planned as well. The list of such measures was discussed by the Rector’s Council on June 15.

‘To Read Such Papers, International Scholars Will Likely Want to Learn Russian’

The results of the competition for the best academic and popular science papers in Russian by HSE staff members have been announced. This competition is a new one, organized by the university to celebrate the Year of Science and Technology. 257 applications were submitted, with 35 winners announced in the academic category and 30 in the popular science one. The winners were announced on Alexander Pushkin’s birthday. The organizers plan to make the competition annual, potentially opening it up for all Russian and international researchers writing papers and involved in science communication in Russian.

The HSE Look April Issue

The second issue of 2021 presents interviews about knowledge production and exchange from various angles.

‘All of the Most Interesting Research Today Happens at the Borders between Different Disciplines’

The Russian Ministry of Education and Science has approved a new nomenclature of specializations in which academic degrees are conferred in Russia. The new list includes 21 new fields, including cognitive science. Maria Falikman, Head of the HSE School of Psychology, discusses the history of cognitive science, its formation at HSE, and its prospects for development.

‘I’m a Lone Wolf Who Paradoxically Always Works in a Team’

The life principles of Vadim Radaev

International Advisory Committee Convenes to Discuss HSE University’s Domestic Partnership Programmes

On February 17, HSE University’s International Advisory Committee met over Zoom to discuss the University’s recent activity and the progress of a number of projects being implemented under HSE University’s University Partnership Programme, which aims to strengthen partnerships and academic collaboration between HSE and other universities in Russia.

‘How to Teach New Generations of Students?’

The final lecture in the course ‘Teach4HSE: Seven Key Principles of Teaching Excellence’ was delivered by Prof. Vadim Radaev, First Vice Rector of HSE University. His talk about modern problems in teaching and their potential solutions was available to anyone interested. This open talk was held online via YouTube and Zoom, with over 400 teachers from different HSE campuses, as well as representatives of other universities, attending the event.

‘People Cannot Accept That Threats Can Come from the Very Fact of Biological Evolution’

HSE University’s Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology has held its traditional Christmas Film Seminar. This year it was dedicated to one of the most discussed films of the year — Steven Soderbergh's prophetic Contagion. A report from our news service explains how the 2011 Hollywood blockbuster managed to predict the events of 2020, which generation will be most affected by the pandemic, and why reality has become fiction.

Russians Are Switching to Wine and Beer: Alcohol Consumption Patterns are Increasingly Dependent on Non-Economic Factors

Social class does not strongly influence the kind of alcohol Russians drink. Gender, age, education and place of residence are more important. For example, young people prefer beer, wines are primarily popular among women, and ‘moonshine in combination with other drinks’ are mainly consumed by the older age groups. This was the conclusion reached by HSE University researchers.

New Programme Allows Foreign Scholars to Teach at HSE Remotely

Thanks to a recently launched programme for visiting scholars, HSE University will host a large number of international scholars and scientists who will teach or conduct research at HSE. In the 2020/21 academic year, about a hundred colleagues from foreign universities will work remotely at HSE under civil law contracts. HSE First Vice Rector Vadim Radaev told the HSE News Service about the new programme.

Psychology and the Social Effect of Alcohol Consumption: The Latest ‘Sociology of Markets’ Seminar Held at HSE University

Experts from the Laboratory for Labour Market Studies presented a report entitled ‘The Impact of Non-Cognitive Characteristics on Alcohol Consumption’ at HSE University. They talked about how different character traits affect the degree of dependence on alcohol.

‘It’s Important for Readers to Be Able to Hold a Book in Their Hands, Interact with the Publisher, Meet the Author, and Get an Autograph’

The HSE Publishing House participated in the 33rd Moscow International Book Fair, which was held recently. The HSE News Service spoke with HSE Publishing House Director Elena Ivanova about why it is important for publishers to participate in onsite events, how many titles the House has released for the new season, and how the House got on with remote work and self-isolation.

HSE Faculties of Law and Humanities to Be Restructured

The HSE University administration has approved proposed structural changes to the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of the Humanities. The changes will streamline managerial processes and better facilitate the faculties’ pursuit of research and educational objectives. The changes will take effect at the start of new academic year on September 1, 2020.

University Codes of Conduct Should Be Concise and Precise

The HSE University International Advisory Committee met online on May 19 to discuss the proposed Codes of Conduct for faculty and students, as well as assess the university’s transition to online learning.

Experts Discuss Media, Art, Fashion, and Education at Telling Stories Festival 2020

What does the post-COVID future have in store for museums, universities, and the media? Does big data protect us or pose a threat? What are the prospects for fashion shows, cinema, and theaters? How are different generations experiencing the pandemic? These and other issues were discussed at the annual festival of communications, design, and media.

‘These Norms Guide Our Behavior’

Vadim Radaev on the Importance of an HSE Code of Conduct

HSE University Confirmed as Top Performer in Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100

Initiated in 2013, the Russian federal initiative, Academic Excellence Project 5-100, aims to maximize the competitive position of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market. On October 26, the Project Council concluded its seventh annual meeting in Moscow. At the meeting, delegations from participating universities presented reports of their progress in improving their international competitive edge.

HSE University and University of Bergen Sign Cooperation Agreement

The agreement provides for academic and cultural cooperation between the universities, student exchange, and joint research. HSE University and the University of Bergen have been partners in educational initiatives for eight years. The partnership began when the HSE Faculty of Law signed an agreement with the Norwegian university.

Graduates of HSE ICEF Receive Degrees in Ceremony at British Ambassador Residence

Graduates of HSE University’s International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF) traditionally receive their degrees against a backdrop of grand fireplaces, an oak staircase, and a balcony overlooking the Kremlin. This is because the ICEF holds its commencement ceremony at the British ambassador’s residence on the Sofiyskaya Embankment. And this is not by accident. Graduates of the ICEF’s bachelor’s programme receive two degrees from HSE and the University of London, respectively, while graduates of the ICEF’s Master’s Programme in ‘Financial Economics’ receive a degree from HSE and the London School of Economics. This year marked the ICEF’s 19th commencement ceremony.

New HSE Complex on Pokrovsky Boulevard Welcomes Students

HSE University commenced the new academic year with a housewarming party marking the long-awaited opening of its new campus complex on Pokrovsky Boulevard. Rector Yaroslav Kuzminov, Academic Supervisor Evgeny Yasin, and vice rectors of the university took part in the event to welcome students, faculty, and staff.

HSE Publishing House Fills Myasnitskaya’s ‘Schoolyard’ with Books

This year, about 30 Moscow publishers participated in HSE’s fifth annual Schoolyard Book Festival, which was held in the courtyard of 20 Myasnitskaya Street. How do you sell more than a thousand books in a day while still maintaining the festival’s traditional cozy atmosphere?

HERB 2(20): How to Recruit Internationally and Live Happily Ever After

In this issue of Higher Education in Russia and Beyond (HERB) contributors from universities in Russia and beyond share case studies about making good use of international mobility programs to enhance research collaboration, about the successes and challenges of hiring faculty members and postdocs internationally, and about the best practices and pitfalls of integrating internationally recruited faculty into the university community. Celebrate the last day of Summer learning about some of the most interesting practices of international recruitment in post-Soviet countries.

HSE Welcomes Students to International Summer University 2019

On June 24, HSE University held an opening ceremony for its International Summer University. Newly arrived students from 32 countries around the globe including Germany, the US, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and others were welcomed by First Vice Rector Vadim Radaev and Vice Rector Ivan Prostakov.

HSE University Improves its Position in QS World Rankings

HSE University has improved its position in the QS institutional ranking by 21 places this year, taking 7th place among Russian universities. The advancement comes thanks to a significant improvement in academic reputation and assessment of university graduates by employers.

HSE to Adopt a New Development Programme

On March 20, at the HSE Staff and Student Conference, HSE Rector Yaroslav Kuzminov presented the key points of the new Development Programme for the period extending to 2030. The points he suggested have prompted a series of discussions in the university corporate environment aimed at choosing the best avenues and tools for development.

Winners of Student Research Paper Competition Awarded at 15th Annual Award Ceremony at HSE

Last week, over 140 HSE students and graduates were awarded certificates in honour of the quality of their research in HSE’s 2018 Research Paper Competition. In addition to receiving the traditional awards, guests received some exciting news: 1) students are now invited to participate in SciCasting, a research blogger competition; and 2) the winners of the 2018 research paper competition will receive travel grants.

‘HSE Is in a Class by Itself.’ Annual HSE International Advisory Committee Meeting Commences

New faculties, personnel development, internationalisation, and much more – these are all things on the agenda of the annual International Advisory Committee (IAC) meeting currently taking place in Moscow.

Project 5-100 International Council Confirms HSE’s Leadership

From October 26-27, a regular meeting of the Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100 was held in Kaliningrad. The academic institutions involved in the project presented the results of their work and plans for the upcoming period of their respective roadmaps.

It’s Only the Beginning for the ICEF Graduates of 2018

On September 13, 230 graduates of ICEF-UoL Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes received their diplomas. The history of HSE's collaboration with the London School of Economics of the University of London spans more than 20 years and demonstrates the integral role that international cooperation between universities plays in academic, research, and cultural development. The graduates of 2018 are sure to continue this tradition.

Six New Things to See on HSE Day 2018

HSE Day is an annual event that never fails to surprise guests with something new. Below is a list of six new themed events to be featured at this year’s festival in Gorky Park on September 13.


Bet for the Future

‘At the Conference We’ll Be Talking about Different Facets of Life in Russia: From New Investment Policy to the Digital Economy’

Today, the XIX April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development begins. HSE Academic Supervisor Evgeny Yasin talks about the main topics that will be covered at the conference, as well as some of the participants.

Leading Universities and the Right to Award Academic Degrees

Last year, the Russian Federation gave leading universities the right to award their own academic degrees on a trial basis, and this prompted universities to create models for future implementation. What the new system will bring and what needs to be done in order to render it fully operational was the focus of the board meeting of the Association of Global Universities, held on February 12 at HSE.

'Other Cities' Book Available for Hospice Donation

On its 25th anniversary, HSE has published a book - Other Cities - a collection of stories by the University’s staff about over 80 cities throughout Russia and the rest of the world, where the authors used to live and work, and which directly contributed to their personal and academic paths. The book won’t be on sale, but we will give it to you by making a donation to a hospice.

‘HSE Offers Solutions Aimed at the Future…’

On November 27, the HSE Academic Council held an awards ceremony dedicated to the university’s 25th anniversary. The meeting saw the participation of representatives of the Russian President, members of government, and members of the Russian Federal Assembly. Governmental awards were given to a number of HSE employees for their tremendous accomplishments.

International Council Recognizes HSE as Leader in Project 5-100 

The Higher School of Economics was recognized as a leader among Project 5-100 universities following a recent session held by the Council on Competitiveness Enhancement of Leading Russian Universities among Global Research and Education Centers. The session took place in Yekaterinburg on October 27-28 and was chaired by Olga Golodets, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia.

‘You Showed Tenacity, and You Succeeded.’ How ICEF Celebrated Its 20th Anniversary

The HSE International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF) is turning 20. The college celebrated its anniversary with a gala at the Pushkin Museum and with its largest graduating class ever.

HSE Will Confer its Own Degrees

A number of research organizations and universities, including HSE, will be able to establish their own academic degrees, under a decree signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

HSE’s Best Teacher Results Announced

The Best Teachers 2017 competition at HSE recently reached its completion. Although the overall procedure this year was the same as it was in 2016, the financial terms changed – the bonuses for the winners have been increased. Vadim Radaev, First Vice Rector of HSE, told us about the vote and some of the perks for all of the winners.

‘Nothing Inspires and Moves Like HSE’

A Harry Potter-themed university graduation party has been held at HSE. This year, the party was completely organized by HSE students, they selected everything – from the location to the entertainment, and not only graduates, but also their friends and family were invited.

HSE Completes First 5km

The first official fun-run organized by HSE as part of events to mark the 25th anniversary of its founding has taken place in Gorky Park. It drew 290 participants.

XVIII April Conference to Discuss ‘Hidden Champions’, Building Social Networks, and the Economics of Sport

From April 11 to 14, HSE is holding its XVIII April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development. Conference Programme Committee members Fuad Alekserov and Andrei Yakovlev discuss the key themes and main reports that will be presented at the conference. This conference will draw around 2,000 people, including 200 international participants.

HSE Among the Leaders in Project 5-100

HSE has become one of three Russian universities to receive maximum points for the implementation of the Russian Academic Excellence Project. These results were announced following a meeting of the Council on Enhancing the Competitiveness of Leading Russian Universities among the Global Rresearch and Education Centres.

HSE Presented Development Roadmap to Project 5-100 International Council

On March 17, 2017, a regular meeting of the Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100 Council on Competitiveness Enhancement of Leading Russian Universities took place in Moscow. HSE representatives told the Council, which includes international experts, about the University’s achievements following the implementation of the first half of the Project. They also discussed their upcoming development plans.

Student Research Competition 2016 Winners Awarded at HSE

This year students from other Russian and international universities competed against HSE students. The new HSE project ‘Scientific Battles’ was also announced at the award ceremony.

Why Rankings Matter for Universities

University rankings, which increasingly impact both universities' development strategies and state policy in higher education, was one of the main topics discussed at the meeting of the HSE's International Advisory Committee.

‘The Main Thing You Learn at ICEF is How to Think’

The 16th graduation ceremony for ICEF students of HSE and the London School of Economics has taken place at the residence of the British Ambassador to Russia. This year’s ceremony had a record number of graduates, with nearly 190 bachelor’s and master’s students receiving their diplomas.

HSE Awards Best Teachers of 2016

The Higher School of Economics has selected its Best Teachers of 2016. This year the voting process was different from previous years’, and First Vice Rector Vadim Radaev explains how.

‘I Want to Travel across all of Russia — From Moscow to Vladivostok’. What Summer University Students Dream about

June 20th marked the start of HSE’s third Summer University. This year’s programme saw the participation of students from 25 different countries.

HSE Urban Specialists Create New Profession

Staff and students of HSE Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism discussed the prospects for the development of Urban Studies at HSE and in Russia at a meeting with the university’s senior management.

‘It Is Important for Us to Turn HSE into a World-class Research University’

On December 7, the sixth meeting of the HSE International Advisory Committee opened with leading experts from around the world in the field of science and education coming together to discuss the university’s achievements and the challenges it faces, as well as its objectives for the coming years. Following two days of discussions, the committee members will form recommendations on changes to the primary areas of development.

HSE Awards Its Best Alumni

On October 16, Roll Hall was the scene of the annual meeting of HSE graduates for the HSE Alumni Awards ceremony.

HSE Sees 60% Increase in Foreign Student Enrolment 

Admissions in 2015 was quite successful for the Higher School of Economics – perhaps the most successful in the history of the university – according to a statement made by HSE First Vice-Rector Vadim Radaev on August 31 at a press conference on student admissions at Moscow universities.

The Votes Are in for HSE's Best Teachers of 2015

Students and alumni of the Higher School of Economics in Moscow and St. Petersburg have determined the Best Teachers of 2015. HSE First Vice Rector Vadim Radaev discusses the results of the voting. 

Building Partnerships in Central Asia

On July 23, 2015 HSE hosted the delegation from University of Central Asia, represented by Mr Shamsh Kassim-Lakha, Executive Chairman, Board Executive Committee and Dr Ariff Kachra, Dean of Academic Affairs.

Second Season of HSE Summer University Opens

On June 20, HSE Summer University classes began. In comparison with last year, the university has seen an increase both in the number of participants and in the diversity of courses offered.

For the First Time, HSE Enters QS Top 100 Subject Rankings

HSE has entered the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2015 in the top 51-100 in Development Studies, and is the only Russian university in this category.

Classics in New Economic Sociology

On January 27, 2015, HSE First-Vice Rector Prof. Vadim V. Radaev and Dr. Greg B. Yudin announced the closure of ‘Classics in New Economic Sociology’ - a mega translation project of the HSE Laboratory for the Studies in Economic Sociology. The project ran from 2001-2015.

South Korea Adopts the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard: A Question of Resources or Institutional Pressure?

On December 9, as part of a seminar run by the HSE’s Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology, there was an opportunity to meet Kyungmin Baek, new Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, School of Sociology, who joined HSE in September 2014. In a report about South Korean firms’ comprehensive adoption of the ISO 14001 environmental standard, Baek explained how businesses’ motivation has changed. 

Academic journals need competition

Integrating Russia’s academic community into the larger international community, internationalizing Russian academic journals, and improving the quality of publications and research – these are the ultimate priorities of a new project the HSE is participating in called the Russian Science Citation Index. The project is being carried out on Web of Science, a leading global search engine for academic publications. By the end of next year, a national database is to be created that comprises the best Russian journals and publications from the last ten years. The database will undoubtedly become a part of the international publication space

Russian Universities Need New Rules and Regulations to Get into World Top Rankings

The HSE hosted the second general meeting of members of the Global Universities association on October 8. They discussed issues relating to attracting international students to Russian universities, about possibilities for the accreditation of programmes in new specialties and about the leading universities' conferring degrees.

School of Asian Studies to Become Part of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs

On May 30, 2014, the HSE Academic Council voted to open a new ‘mega department’ – the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs. The structure of this big division will include a Department of World Economy, a Department of International Affairs, and the School of Asian Studies. Sergey Karaganov will serve as Dean of the Faculty.

HSE International Advisory Committee’s 2014 Meeting

For the first time at HSE’s St. Petersburg campus, the annual meeting of HSE’s International Advisory Committee (IAC) took place on May 23-24. As is tradition, the discussion focused mainly on the HSE’s development as an international university.

Evgeny Yasin Reelected HSE Academic Supervisor, Alexander Shokhin – HSE President

At a meeting of HSE’s Academic Council on May 30, Evgeny Yasin was reelected as the university’s academic supervisor, and Alexander Shokhin — as HSE’s president.

Students Choose the Best Teachers at the HSE Moscow and St Petersburg

Between May 26 and June 7 students can vote in the HSE annual election for best teachers of the academic year. This year not only students in Moscow but at the HSE St Petersburg can vote. So, what do you have to do to register your vote?

Evgeny Yasin: ‘The HSE, the New Economic School and Gaidar Institute Are Restoring Research to the Pre-Revolutionary Level in Russia’

Today, HSE Academic Supervisor Evgeny Yasin celebrates his 80th birthday. The HSE News Service congratulates him, and in honour of the celebration, is publishing an extract from Andrey Kolesnikov’s book ‘Dialogues with Evgeny Yasin’.

Globalization Can Save Russia's Light Industry

Russian light industry is slowly dying, and the only way for it to survive is to become integrated into the global supply chain. Support measures, other than keeping businesses afloat for a while, are not likely to make a difference, states the report 'Is it Possible to Save Russia's Light Industry?', presented by Vadim Radaev, the HSE's First Vice Rector and Head of the Laboratory for Economic and Social Research

HRH The Princess Royal Visits the HSE

On February 4, 2014, Princess Anne, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, who is leading the UK delegation to the Sochi Olympics, visited the Higher School of Economics International College of Economics and Finance.

ICEF Graduates Get Diplomas

On September 25, 2013, the 13th HSE International College of Economics and Finance graduation ceremony took place at the residence of Timothy Barrow, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the Russian Federation.

Sociology is becoming a civic movement

The annual conference of the American Sociological Association was in New York this year. Among the 6,000 specialists discussing the current state of social sciences and society were 18 academics from the HSE

Attempts to Control Retail Are Futile

For a long time, retail in Russia developed without interference from government regulators, but the situation has changed dramatically in recent years. The state is now actively trying to control this sphere, but the effectiveness of such attempts is questionable, asserts Vadim Radaev in his recent paper.

Singaporean Businesspeople at the HSE

From June 23-26, 2013, a delegation from the Singapore Business Federation visited the Higher School of Economics (the HSE) as part of a special business tour. Its organizers, Andrey Yakovlev, Director of the HSE Institute for Industrial and Market Studies, and Vasily Solodkov, Director of the HSE Banking Institute, as well as a participant told us about the event.

ICEF and LSE Sign Agreement for Next Four Years

On June 24, 2013, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), represented by ICEF Project Director from the LSE Richard Jackman, and the HSE, represented by First Vice Rector Vadim Radaev, signed an agreement on the activities and development of the HSE’s International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF) for the next four-year period. Sergey Yakovlev, Director of the ICEF, told us about this cooperation.

What will Capitalism in the 21st Century be Like?

On September 24th 2011, Craig Calhoun, new Director of the London School of Economics, gave an open lecture at the HSE International College of Economics and Finance on ‘Social and Political Challenges Facing Global Capitalism’.