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Elena Odoevskaya

  • Vice Rector
  • Member of the HSE Academic Council
  • Elena Odoevskaya has been at HSE University since 2016.


Elena Odoevskaya coordinates HSE University’s activities related to the HSE Development Programme, ‘Priority-2030’ programme and other programmes regulating the HSE University’s strategic development and the implementation of its digital transformation projects.

Elena Odoevskaya is responsible for the following:

  • Defining the strategy for the digital transformation of HSE University’s operations;
  • Forming a consistent digital space within the university;
  • Implementing projects related to the digitalisation of the university’s operations;
  • Ensuring the implementation of the HSE Development Programme with regards to digitalising the university’s operations;
  • Interacting with governmental bodies, local authorities, legal entities and individuals that are HSE University’s technology partner with regards to implementation of the HSE University’s development and digital transformation programmes;
  • Controlling the implementation of the budget as regards to the field of operations she supervises and her responsibilities;
  • Coordinating and monitoring the implementation of the development programme;
  • Coordinating the issues of methodical support for formulating the development programmes, including the system of target indicators for HSE University’s activities;
  • Controlling the generation of HSE University’s external and internal reporting, including that as part of development programmes, with the exception of financial and accounting reports;
  • Controlling the collection and processing of statistical information for interim monitoring and consolidated reporting on HSE University’s activities as part of the development programmes, with the exception of financial and accounting reports.


  • 2019

    HSE University

  • 2011

    Degree in State and Municipal Administration
    State University of Management

Courses (2018/2019)


HSE Launches English-Language Strategic Development Website

The new website makes information on the university’s strategic development initiatives and opportunities available to international colleagues and partners. The Strategic Development Programme Office has launched anEnglish-language website to promote the implementation of HSE University’s integrated development programme. The website is an ‘entry point’ for international partners and students, informing them about the university’s strategic priorities, goals, and plans.

XIV International Conference on Higher Education Took Place at HSE University

This year’s conference topic was ‘Student Experience at a Modern University: from an Enrollee to a Graduate’. Over the three days, researchers from Russia and other countries discussed the individual and institutional factors that determine students' educational experience, the impact of this experience on educational performance, and its influence on labour market success. The conference took place from October 25–27 and featured over 90 presentations.

New Technologies for Preserving Brain Functions: ‘Not Magic, but Normal Engineering’

New methods of brain mapping will make it easier to identify the cortex areas responsible for speech functions and to perform operations on the brain, as well as reduce the likelihood of damage to important areas. In addition, this will allow for more frequent use of non-invasive methods for restoring speech and other functions lost due to injuries and illnesses.

Results of 2022 KPI Assessment of Faculties

The Faculty of Computer Science, which scored the maximum number of points, was the overall leader, and the Graduate School of Business entered Group A for the first time

Academic Council: HSE University’s Contribution to Achieving National Goals and Development Priorities to Increase

HSE University’s Development Programme until 2030 will be improved in order to increase the university’s contribution to achieving national goals and implementing the priorities of the country’s scientific and technological development. This decision was made by the university’s Academic Council on April 26. The meeting also addressed the principles for the development of HSE University’s external communications, one of which is the creation of a high-quality information field around the university.

HSE University and RANEPA Sign Cooperation Agreement on Digital Transformation

HSE University and the Presidential Academy have concluded a cooperation agreement. The document was signed by HSE University Vice Rector Elena Odoevskaya and RANEPA Vice Rector Alexey Anopchenko.

Strategic Projects: Producing Scientific Results of Public Relevance

About a year ago, HSE University was among the first group of Russian universities to receive a grant from the ‘Priority 2030’ Strategic Academic Leadership Programme and began implementing strategic research projects. HSE University recently defended its report before the programme's board. Elena Odoevskaya, HSE University Vice Rector and coordinator of the HSE Development Programme for the Period until 2030 and the ‘Priority 2030’ programme, spoke to the HSE News Service about what has been achieved this year and how the format of strategic projects is changing at the university.

‘I Love to Have Everything in Order’

Elena Odoevskaya talks about her plans as Vice Rector

Three Vice Rectors Join HSE Senior Management

Irina Martusevich was appointed Vice Rector responsible for HSE University Staff, Elena Odoevskaya was appointed Vice Rector for coordinating HSE digital projects, and Dmitry Zemtsov was also appointed Vice Rector

HSE University Undergoes Staff Changes in Senior Management Team

Sergey Kadochnikov, Director of HSE in St. Petersburg since 2013, has announced his plans to leave his current position. Anna Tyshetskaya, current Vice Rector for Education at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, will take over as Director of HSE University’s campus in St. Petersburg. Elena Odoevskaya and Irina Martusevich will be appointed HSE Vice Rectors.