Board of Tenured Professors


The Board of Tenured Professors is an independent body of the autonomous community of the University’s teaching and research staff.

The Board supports the definition of the University strategy of development and the implementation of the goals defined in the University Charter.

The Status of Tenured Professor is conferred on outstanding teachers who are members of the University staff, hold the position of professor and have special achievements.

 The following can be submitted for the Board’s consideration:

  • strategic issues with the University’s academic activity;
  • personnel issues;
  • moral, ethical and legal issues of the University’s functioning;
  • any other issues that concern academic processes of the University, or its academic and administrative activity.



Elena A. Vishlenkova

Gasan Gusejnov

Vasily Klucharev

Members (by rank)

Nikita Anisimov

HSE University Rector