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Address: 21/4 Staraya Basmannaya Ulitsa, Building 1, room 310
SPIN-RSCI: 2314-4821
ORCID: 0000-0001-5688-3365
ResearcherID: Q-2430-2018
Scopus AuthorID: 56502395300
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A. Karneev
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Pavel Em

  • Pavel Em has been at HSE University since 2019.

Education and Degrees

  • 2013

    Candidate of Sciences* (PhD) in Social, economic and political geography
    Thesis Title: Systems of fuzzy central places of Korean Peninsula

  • 2013

    Doctoral programme in Economic, Social, Political and Recreational Geography
    Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • 2010

    Specialist in Social and Economic Geography
    Far East State University, Faculty of Geography

* Candidate of Sciences
According to the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) 2011, Candidate of Sciences belongs to ISCED level 8 - "doctoral or equivalent", together with PhD, DPhil, D.Lit, D.Sc, LL.D, Doctorate or similar. Candidate of Sciences allows its holders to reach the level of the Associate Professor.

Continuing education / Professional retraining / Internships / Study abroad experience

Pavel P. Em is a geographer who is primarily interested in the comparison of urbanization and socio-economic development in the two Koreas. He has published a number of articles and a book in English and Russian. After the realization of a research project dedicated to urban agglomerations, he is currently working on shrinking cities.



Awards and Accomplishments

Best Teacher – 2023, 2022, 2021

Courses (2023/2024)

Courses (2022/2023)

Courses (2021/2022)

Courses (2020/2021)

Geography of Asia (Bachelor’s programme; Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs; 1 year, 3, 4 module)Rus



Book Em P. Routledge Handbook of Asian Cities Part 8: Pyongyang: An urban metamorphosis under the power of marketisation. Routledge, 2023. doi



Article Бюржель Г., Бюржель Г., Грондео А., Дарк Р., Колосов В., Шупер В., Эм П. П., Ферару А., Ширрем М. СОРОК ЛЕТ ФРАНКО-РОССИЙСКИХ СРАВНИТЕЛЬНЫХ ИССЛЕДОВАНИЙ ПО ГЕОГРАФИИ ГОРОДОВ: ПЕРЕОСМЫСЛЕНИЕ ОПЫТА // Известия РАН. Серия географическая. 2020. Т. 84. № 3. С. 470-480. doi








  • 2021
  • International Conference on Urban Studies 2021 - Urban Kaleidoscope of North Korea (Сеул). Presentation: Formation of Trans-Border Urban Agglomeration in North Korea: Myth or Reality?
  • 2020
    The Colloquium of the Department of Humanities (Киото). Presentation: Peculiarities of urbanization in North Korea and the role of Pyongyang in its development
  • Korean Studies in India & South Asia: An Inter-Cultural Perspective on Language, Literature and Culture (New Dehli). Presentation: Urban Shrinkage in South Korea: Understanding the Phenomena

  • 2019
    The Academy of Korean Studies Colloquium (Seongnam). Presentation: Demographic Profile of Korea's Shrinking Cities. Do They Have a Chance to Survive?
  • 29th The Association for Korean Studies in Europe (AKSE) Conference in Rome, Italy 29-ая Конференция Ассоциации Корейских исследований в Европе в Риме, Италия (Рим). Presentation: Structure transformation of the Seoul agglomeration: trajectory for polycentric development
  • 2018
    XXII НАУЧНАЯ КОНФЕРЕНЦИЯ КОРЕЕВЕДОВ РОССИИ И СТРАН СНГ "КНДР и РК – 70 ЛЕТ" (Москва). Presentation: Изучение роли пригородных зон в развитии урбанизации в Республике Корея (на примере столичной агломерации)
  • Seminar Series of SOAS University of London (London). Presentation: Peculiarities of Urbanization in Juche Country
  • 2017
    Seminars in Vienna University (Vienna). Presentation: Diffusion of demographic behaviour in urban agglomerations of the Republic of Korea
  • Seminars in EHESS (Paris). Presentation: General study of population and urbanization in North Korea
  • European Colloquium on Theoretical and Quantitative Geography 2017 (York). Presentation: Is there any link between fractal dimension and service companies’ entropy in Moscow and Seoul
  • 2017 IGU Urban Commission Annual Meeting (Salvador-de-Bahia). Presentation: Urbanization In North Korea: What is the real rate?
  • РОССИЯ И КОРЕЯ В МЕНЯЮЩЕМСЯ МИРОВОМ ПОРЯДКЕ – 2017 (Владивосток). Presentation: Влияние характера городской застройки центральных частей Москвы и Сеула на экономическую активность их территории
  • XXI НАУЧНАЯ КОНФЕРЕНЦИЯ КОРЕЕВЕДОВ РОССИИ И СТРАН СНГ "КОРЕЯ ПЕРЕД НОВЫМИ ВЫЗОВАМИ" (Москва). Presentation: Сравнение развития урбанизации в Республике Корея и Корейской Народно-Демократической Республике в послевоенное время
  • 2016

    56th ERSA Congress 2016 Cities & Regions: Smart, Sustainable, Inclusive? (Vienna). Presentation: Moscow as a fuzzy central place system

  • Annual conference of the IGU Urban Geography Commission 2016 (Shanghai). Presentation: Big cities as a fuzzy central place systems: Comparison of Moscow and Seoul
  • 2015
    International Geographical Union (IGU) Regional Conference 2015 (Москва). Presentation: The subway role in development of the capital agglomeration of the Republic of Korea
  • International Geographical Union (IGU) Regional Conference 2015 (Москва). Presentation: HOW THE CENTRAL PLACE SYSTEM WILL CHANGE IN THE KOREAN PENINSULA IF ITS PARTS UNITE?
  • 2014
    54th Congress European Region Science Association (ERSA) (Санкт-Петербург). Presentation: The concept of fuzzy central place as the approach to analyze distribution of central function within urban agglomerations
  • 2013
    European Colloquium of Theoretical and Quantitative Geography 2013 (Dourdan). Presentation: Urban agglomerations as fuzzy central place systems
  • 2011
    17th European Colloquium on Quantitative and Theoretical Geography (Athens). Presentation: Central places theory as method to analyse evolution and prediction of development of urban settlement systems (in terms of the Republic of Korea)


2021. MOU-IFES Fellowship;

2019. Korea Foundation Fellowship for Korean Language Training;

2019. AKS Fellowship;

2017-2018. Korea Foundation Post-doctoral Fellowship for European Region;

Employment history

2019-present Part-time Lecturer at the HSE University, Moscow;

2011-present Reseach Fellow at the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow;